The night's darkness,
And the music playing all around,
I wonder, my dear girl,
Why such a beautiful gown?

Perhaps a dance,
Would make you wonder,
Why one such as me,
Would even bother.

But don't worry, dear,
When we dance,
I'll let you know what I want,
With a simple stance.

Don't look over your shoulder,
And don't look away,
Let me keep your gaze,
And never let it sway.

Let me take you to a room,
Quiet and dark,
Then pull you to the bed,
You, I will embark.

After the fun,
And after the games,
Don't worry dear,
I have many, many names.

When I pull my knife,
And I hold it against your heart,
Don't worry dear,
With me, it'll never part.

When I cut it out,
And let you bleed over the bed,
In your death a single whisper,
"You should've chosen someone else instead."~

~The Last Dance