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Name// Mary
Nicknames//Gnome, Perky, Orange, OC, The Godmother
Gender// Female
Birthday// September 29
Birth Place// Southern USA
Blood Type// O Negative
Homeland// United States of America
Astrology Sign// Libra
Eyes// Hazel
Hair// Brown
Height// 5'2''
Weight// enough
Personality// Curious but Cautious, Logical and Defiant, Opinionated yet Respectful
Instrument// Viola and Trumpet
Sport// Baseball
Favorite Color// Orange
Favorite Movie// The Royal Tenenbaums
Favorite Drink// Milk...or maybe apple juice
Favorite Food// I don't really care
Favorite Show// 24 rocks, undoubtedly
Least Favorite Color// Pink
Least Favorite Movie// None
Least Favorite Drink// Coca-Cola
Least Favorite Food// Taquitos
Style// Whatever I feel like
Anime// Death Note

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Alright, I suppose I'm supposed to try and tell you about myself. This could be difficult, but maybe I could make an attempt...for your sake, of course. ... Actually, I'm not sure I want to. If you want to know more about me, just send me a PM. It'll be a little more natural that way anywho, since you don't know all about my life before I know the slightest little bit about you (I'm glad I'm not a celebrity, for that precise reason).

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