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The Final Fatality

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Birthday: 10/12/1990

stuffs i is wearing o.o


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Hello people, names Michael and im 21 razz

Married to the best girl in the world <33 ily babe <33

Ok, so....about me....not much to tell lol
i like to draw, i do avi art, if im in the mood, and i play drums xD

i like most all music, except Rap and R&B, i hate it >.<(srry to the friends that like it razz )

thats pretty much it, imma boring person razz

oooh btw, i LOVE random comments, as long as its not "sent this to 10 friends and press f5 and you get 10k"
DO NOT! send me that crap -.-

ok so, see you around.


Lilium Valentine
The Final Fatality

i love this beautiful girl <3