okk, let's talk about the...iPod Human!!! xD

iPod Human!!! xD

first the iPod. then the iPod Nano, then the iPod Touch.
and now.....

the iPod Human!!
the iPod Human comes in multiple colours.
Wicked White, Burnt Black,
Yucky Yellow or even Retarded Red ;D

the iPod Human is only $799.99!!
....& it can hold upto 6 & a half songs ;]
use the iPod Human at home, in the car, in the bathroom,
or even when you go to bed!

the iPod Human is light and portable & you'll never
lose it 'coz it has a built in alarm, that goes off
every 3 seconds.

so what are you waiting for??
buy the iPod Human, before it's too late..

The iPod Human does not protect against STD's.
If you experience against explosive diarrhoea, cramping,
vomiting, or even death, contact the doctor because the
iPod Human may not be right for you.