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The noobiest gamer you'll ever know!

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- Final Fantasy VII
- Monster Hunter World
- Board Games! (LoTR: Journeys in Middle Earth, Here to Slay, etc)



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♪ Sometimes, my brain says no, but my stomach says go ♪

x Name: Tiffany

x Age: 27 years old

x Location: The far-off memories of the whatsernames and whatsisfaces. Sometimes, the occasional photographs and journal entries.

x Additional Notes x
- Constant dreamer
- Constant glutton

Unfortunately, I do not go on Gaia as often as I used to; however, if you would like to chat, you are more than welcome to send me a PM!...but please be aware that it might take a couple of days/weeks/months for me to reply back!

Any poem recommendations? I'd truly appreciate it!