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Welcome to my page Sir/Madame.
I hope you enjoy your visit ♥
Some things you might want to remember, my name is Tamara, I live in Illinois(USA), and my birthday is may 7th.
My hobbies include, Photography, Drawing, Reading, Editing photos, Roleplaying, and Writing.
Some small details about me: I talk a lot;I laugh a lot; I always am Texting or IMing someone if I'm not around my friends; I'm a major pervert; I love music; The computer is part of my daily ritual (3 or more hours a day c: I have no life.); I have many ex's that are my friends; I cant snap; I'm trying to change who i am at the moment; I'm sixteen; I have a horrid little brother who doesn't leave me alone; I'm insecure and hate the way i look; I love Never Shout Never.
Girls are something that guys don't understand. I'm one of the most confusing girls you'll probably ever meet.
I will make everything most things into a sex jokes.
I hate people who are full of themselves, randomly add me, are overly fat and wont do anything about it *cough cough* angie *cough cough*, people who take forever to text back, most preps, are two faced b**ches, that are female. (I dont like many females... e.e)
My appearance: Red hair, Blue eyes, Fat, Ugly, over-freckled, Blahh.
I'm Bisexual. Have a problem with it? Go f**k yourself.
I'm in love. So dont try and sweep me off my feet, I'm already 10 feet in the air (; ♥♥♥
Blahh, Bahh, Blehh, are words to me.