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I feel like walking on fire, waiting in the darkness, hoping in the light, feeling the wind, touching the water, watching the earth move, and praying that you're happy.


Mercurial Baptism on 06/20/2018
Jarjayes on 06/14/2018
Frosted Flakies on 06/13/2018
chuuru on 06/12/2018
Minzue on 06/05/2018


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Let's get this started.

| Ro | 2? | INFP | Introverted Bookworm | Tumblr

I'm a nomad with no home or destination in mind,
who is madly in love with life and daydreaming of the impossible.

Here're some things I love:

❥ Reading & writing
❥ Watching movies & tv shows
❥ Childish things
❥ Kdrama & kpop
❥ Rain & snow
❥ Exploring & learning about everything
❥ Tea & teacups
❥ Art & Music
❥ Helping others & making them smile. (:

Want to know more? Just ask and I'll tell you.
Changed my name from BitesYourCupcake-Teddy.



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