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Everything happens for a reason. Well thats what they all say, but is it true? What did 9/11 do? Bring us together? I don't exactly know, but I do know that nothing good comes from anything positive. A positive attitude can make or break you. I try to stay on track with my life, but I stray a lot.

Well enough of my crazy mind, lets find out a little more about me with a little Q&A:
*How old are you?
*Where were you born?
Monroeville, AL
*Where is your current residence?
Up your a**
*Thats a bit vulgar.
Well don't ask stupid questions
*How was that a stupid question?
Some sick perv could hunt me down and rape me, DUH
*I'm sorry sir.
*Anyways, what is your favorite food?
Ummm, Rocky Road Icecream
*Sounds good, so what do you look for in a partner?
*Your a very unorthodox person aren't you?
*What kind of Mus...
Shut up, I'm finished with this interview!
If you have any questions concerning me, Just Ask.
Don't believe everything you hear.


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Last Login: 10/17/2009 3:30 pm

Gender: Male

Location: Alone In The Abyss

Birthday: 06/26

Occupation: High School

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