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Some people relish in the idea of sitting idly every day of their pixelated lives. They do nothing with their full potential; merely content with the idea of letting the world develop around them while they sit like statues waiting for anything and everything to happen. So boring. So dull. Why wait for something to happen? Just to exist within this confine is not living one's pixelated life to what it could be. Isn't that right?

We are all Gaians in this world. We all have the chance to interact with one another, and to make our own means of entertainment. This is the potential that everyone has on Gaia: creating entertainment. You do not have to wait until something happens, create something and make it happen! Dare to be against the normalcy of boredom! CARPE DIEM!

If you are unsure how to do this...Fear not, you are not lost. The villainous ways of Team Sprocket may just be for you. Within our nice growing Evolution Item fan thread in the GCD, we discuss the evolution items growing in the world around us...Along with...other things...regarding evolutionary items. To you, this may be a temporary cure for boredom...But who knows... With each member Team Sprocket gains, the more potential the fan thread has.

So come...Join us.


Team Sprocket Boss


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SPAAAAAAAAAAACE Report | 09/08/2009 6:44 pm
Boss, you are looking goooood cool
Divine Wolf Ouka Report | 05/14/2009 4:30 pm
Divine Wolf Ouka
Thumbkin Report | 09/19/2008 11:14 pm
lookin good boss
Zozo the Stray Report | 06/30/2008 8:46 am
Zozo the Stray
Hey Boss! Make sure you watch all my flawless victories in the tournament, okay? I won't let you down!
SaphireShadows Report | 06/03/2008 3:05 pm
Hey Boss, I was a member of Team Sprocket, but for some reason I got kicked out. I know I didn't do anything wrong, so why did I get kicked out?
Akechi the chain user Report | 05/11/2008 1:14 pm
Akechi the chain user
OMFG o_o

Akechi wishes to join the Sprocket cause! biggrin

Waitress_Bella Report | 05/04/2008 1:32 pm
Boss! Boss! I think you should get a cane! 3nodding A "Crimson Red Pimpin' Cane"! surprised
Waitress_Bella Report | 04/21/2008 4:21 pm
I would like to join Team Sprocket, please?
Mazimux Report | 04/15/2008 4:16 pm
Nice Outfit boss.
A3STH3T1CS Report | 04/13/2008 6:33 pm
Hello boss. I'm new in the biz.


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Team Sprocket is gearing up again!



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