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Tatsuya Fujinaka

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Gender: Male

Location: Japan

Birthday: 06/05/1938


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Hi, everyone. My name is Tatsuya Fujinaka. Fujinaka is my fiancé's last name, but I'm taking it from him. ^^
Me and my fiancé are both MEN.
I consider myself PANSEXUAL.
No, I don't have sex with animals, that's just wrong.
Pansexual; Pansexuality (sometimes referred to as omnisexuality) is a sexual orientation characterized by the potential for aesthetic attraction, romantic love and/or sexual desire for people, regardless of their gender identity or biological sex.

I am a daddy since September 20th! <3
To a beautiful daughter named Harue Fujinaka. <3
Do not ask questions, she is both my husbands and mine.
I'm a Chatterbox whore.
Yaoi is hot.
Sora and Riku are my favorite anime couple.
I only have one dream avatar now! ^^
I love my husband with all my heart.
He makes me so happy.
I'd do everything and anything for him and our daughter. <3
He's so sweet. <3
He has a gaia too.
It's Seita Fujinaka.
And, yes, that's his real name. >.>

I'm old, so don't bother talking to me if you can't deal with that.
I hate chatspeak, and I will most likely ask you to type out your words, if you don't.
I'm not a grammer nazi, so if you misspell, miss punctuation, or don't capitalize properly, I wont care, just as long as I can understand you.

heart Love needs no teaching.
Love makes all men equal.
Love is without reason. heart

I will always love you, Seita! <3
I will always love you, Harue! <3

"Your d**k needs a personal servant."

Holy s**t! I currently have two dream avatar! Donate?
[Donations = love o.o]
Please donate to my new Dream Avatar?
All donations are very much appreciated!

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Total Value: 546,012 Gold
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Item List:
KiKi Inner Tube
Holy Gauntlets
Angelic Headband
Berry BubbleNum Bubble
Bun-Bun Plushie
Inari's Beads 4th Gen
Blue Pawprint Pajama Pants
Blue Sweetheart Teddy
Inari's Beads 3rd Gen
Round Paper Lantern Blue
Picolitrosso's Urn 3rd Gen.

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Total Value: 518,996 Gold
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Item List:
Silver Heart Belt
Dark Halo
Freddy Claws
Dancer Cuffs
Black Stripes Torso Tattoo
Black Stripes Bottom Tattoo
Bat Eye Patch
White Tennis Socks
Purple GetaGRIP Shoes
Pop Top Orchid Coat
Death Whisper (5th gen)
Sharp Fish Teeth
Platinum Record Earrings
Lovely Genie Purple Belly Gem
Alruna's Rose 5th Gen
Death Whisper (5th gen)

Spidargate, 200g
Seita Fujinaka, 30k
ixitz, Tiny Terror Doll
KittiKatSratch, 3k
DrLove100, 500g
omfgJessica, 2k
Sether_08, angel imp
Kitty Meridian, 2k
Nek0_th3_pupp3t_mastur-, 1k
PrettyLadyC, buck teeth
Blat Blat, bunny luv

I change my dream avi too much to ever get it, so give you random items, please! ^^


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******** me in the a**, please. x3

To view my journal, please click the 'veiw journal' button above, not the links below. That's someone elses journal. Some sort of glitch. &amp;.&amp; This will contain avi art I've purchased, yaoi anime pictures I like, signs made for me, and maybe m


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Ninja Eating Butterfly Report | 09/20/2012 6:08 am
Ninja Eating Butterfly
I miss you Tatsuya.
Don't know how else to tell you except on here.
But, I do, truthfully, honestly miss you. cry
LunaticTokyoMoth Report | 04/17/2009 3:48 pm
Wow, first comment since I aked you to be a friend.
Congratulations on your daddyhood.
PandaKoloredKitten Report | 04/13/2009 10:56 pm
Lalala, hi.

Random comment :3
Bacoose Report | 11/12/2008 8:54 pm
random comments are allways nice X3
Bacoose Report | 11/12/2008 8:46 pm
Yays for MSI!
~random comment
MiStress no YaMi Report | 10/29/2008 8:00 am
MiStress no YaMi
would u like to join a zOMG clan? becuz i'm accepting anime luvers, bisexuals, pansexuals, and transexuals... please, contact me if ur interested in talking about this or if u have questions u would like answered...
grimgirl11 Report | 10/28/2008 3:15 pm
*pokeh poka*
vote fer meh in teh arenaz? =3
IxAnti SocialxI Report | 10/17/2008 7:38 am
IxAnti SocialxI
Way ti show your Pansexual pride
grimgirl11 Report | 10/11/2008 4:53 am
oopsies *lets go of*
iiSarajean Report | 10/05/2008 6:02 pm
awesome page!


Itsumademo ai shiteiru yo, Seita!User Image
I love random comments/PM's!
Questing Oculus Magica
I'm a man in love with a man
I'm the proud father of a beautiful little girl.<3


Welcome to my profile, loves! heart