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OK so... what about me.

I am a college student earning Bachelors in IT, and minor in ESL to teach in Japan. I am an ultimate gamer and love building PCs. I can speak several languages mostly english (Of course) and Japanese.

Certifications: CompTIA A+ (Dec 2nd, 2010)

The Playlist at the side of my music video, I am the guy with the beanie. and the rest are my friends.

As for the shuffle videos, that is what I do for fun. I shuffle and make beats like that. I have been shuffling since February 2008. And getting a bit better at it. So, far I have only found a few people that shuffle around my area, so... I am teaching my neighbors as well. Kinda fun. You should try it.

Well... I also play Electric Bass guitar, and been playing since November 2007, and gotten a bit better at it too.

Hope to become good friends with all of you.

Check me out on facebook.


just msg me if you would like it. ^_^

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AimiToraChouKokoro Report | 01/14/2011 10:51 pm
Hey. You're most welcome. How've you been? How was your birthday? =]
Don't stress it; I've been busy, too... and haven't really been on anything, either........... It is good to hear from you again though. =] I hope life's treating you well. Talk to you next time we log in again.......
Human Hospitality Report | 01/04/2011 8:57 pm
Human Hospitality
Oh you're welcome.
I wanted to get you something, but you don't have anything in you wishlist. sweatdrop
It's going pretty ok. I'm moving on up so that's good.
I gotta get my self confidence in check, like always.
So how's life been treating you?
Too busy for Gaia these days I see.
Human Hospitality Report | 09/14/2010 1:29 pm
Human Hospitality
Happy Birthday yo.......even though it was yesterday........ xp sweatdrop
AimiToraChouKokoro Report | 09/13/2009 1:24 am
Hey.. I know we don't really talk much or anything... but I still thought I'd say:


I hope it's a great one! 4laugh mrgreen 3nodding smile
Dragoon of the Hells Gate Report | 03/01/2009 3:33 am
Dragoon of the Hells Gate
Hey mes amigo. Where you been? Everything going okay?
DescendingWish Report | 01/17/2009 8:55 pm
i am okay =3 i don't log on myspace much x.x
DescendingWish Report | 01/14/2009 6:55 am
DX -misses you-
Dragoon of the Hells Gate Report | 01/11/2009 8:08 pm
Dragoon of the Hells Gate
Thanks man, it means alot that my friends came and checked out my profile. LOL.
Dragoon of the Hells Gate Report | 01/09/2009 11:25 pm
Dragoon of the Hells Gate
This is a Formal, Engraved invatation, to come and View that latest incarnation of my avatar nad my newly redesigned profile. Please attend.
xX Jade Phoenix Xx Report | 01/07/2009 4:39 pm
xX Jade Phoenix Xx
Lol NO by far you know more songs.

I don't do much learning guitar these days. I dunno. Been trying to find myself a hobby. Been looking too hard for fun. X_X Not a good thing, you know?

Hmm Yesterday, Sally's Song, Fur Elise, Aruarian Dance, Rest my chemistry (Interpol) some of it, Run by Snow Patrol, Simple version of Pachabel's Canon, Uh trying to learn Yesterday and Greensleeves, Echo by Vertical Horizon, Everything you want, I wanna learn Supermassive Black Hole but... rock songs sound so gentle on the acoustic it puts me to shame XD

Stairway to heaven a bit but I don't like that song very much

Not much songs right? I don't actively try to memorize them most of the time. Lol. Oh. Not to mention I know how to play the Mortal Kombat theme song XD One of my first songs and I learned that one in like a half hour. Slow considering it's not hard at all. sad
Dragoon of the Hells Gate
xxHungry Like The Wolfxx