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To everyone who has been in pain

When you have suffered and wake up screaming in the middle of the night when you're alone, who do you turn to? When you see a poor man on the street, inside do you continue on and pity him or feel sorry for him? Are you the kind of person who looks in the mirror and cries as you drop to your knees and begs to die right there? Some people in this world like this turn to crime like the Columbine shooters or drugs. Some commit suicide or cut themselves. But is this right or wrong? Right now I want you to think of your closest friend and I am not talking Boyfriend or Girlfriend or your crush because they fade, I mean the people who
you tell secrets to and hold them when they cry. Now, imagine they die tomorrow. How do you feel right now? Do you even feel anything? If not, you either don't have friends or you need to open up. Physical pain hurts but the pain of being alone will scar forever. The only cure is true friends. I have Kaile,Dan,Allison,Amanda,Courtney,Jordin,Sara,Stephon,Ashton,Casey,
Jon,and I could keep going on because I have 102 friends not just in school, and I can tell you right now, I would do ANYTHING absolutely ANYTHING to save them or keep them happy. I love all of them, so to all the people I've hurt, I am sorry, (Which is mostly my cuz Shanon). Love and friends is what a lonely person needs.Be greatful for the friends you have....because they probably won't be there forever......

"It is better to have loved, then to have never at all."