Techno Rave Cat Girl :}

Heyyz there!!
I won't give out my name, you can call me watev. Dont relly carez, not like there is anything to care about. :/ lolz yeah but i gots my reasons to care, especially since I have someone who is more than special in my life, he IS my life. Not one day in this life have I even once regreted being with him, he is my all. And I am his. Forever and always. I love him more than I need the air to breathe, more than I need food to satisfy my hunger (like Iam ever relly hungry anymore) more than I need razors to disappear from my depression and bad habits, more than I need smokes to satisfy stress.

Iam scene, emo, goth etc...a.k.a a mutt razz
I have smoked and drunk before, dont relly do it anymore
I stopped my bad habits for the one I love
He has gave me new and many reasons for life, and now
I see what I have been missing, the love and the safety
I love him so much, I am NOT giving names becuz its no ones biz..
And I do NOT share!! lolz its true :}

May be random, or very weird.

d-_-b Music is my Life

*~In Loving Memory Of Noah~*
*~In Loving Memory Of Freddie Gowan~*
*~In Loving Memory Of Scotty~*
*~In Loving Memory Of Sarah Ashtin~*
*~In Loving Memory Of Nick~*


Techno Rave Kitty Kat Girl!! xD Love me, Hate me, I don't care....

...Noah James...
Your smiling is what brought me joy,
such joy I miss and cherish. Only
now you are gone. I feel dead.

Maybe you are somewhere
Somewhere besides my heart
And My Mind
I miss you

Noah, you were my life
My lover
My trusted friend
And I needed you

You gave me hope
Gave me reason to live
I gave reason for you
Chances you thought impossible

But now
You are gone and I miss you
A white rose flies through the morning mist
The morning dew on the grass catches it
And holds it like tears

You and I were lovers
You and I were friends
You and I were brother
And sister

But you died
And now you are in my mind
My heart
My soul, everywhere

You still bring me joy
Even though you aren't really here

...For The One I Trully Love...
The first day I started that hell,
I thought that I wouldn't be happy,
Thinking that hell and pain floundered.
Surrounding the background,
My shroud of crimson flowing around head,
The pain I felt was rough,
Then I met you,
The one I care about,
The one I love,
You gave me that reason,
That hope,
That this crimson nightmare,
Would be gone,
We spoke and spoke,
Then we were together,
Hard to believe at first,
But when we really knew what we had,
We couldn't face it alone,
Together I feel whole and complete,
The intensity from your heart,
Calls me and tells me "You are safe",
That feeling, Security and love,
Holds me deeply and close,
I love you,
You love me,
You gave me your heart,
You have given me your all,
I love you,
I wouldn't ever,
Never would I want to lose you,
I need you
For many reasons,
For now still unknown