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last picture taken in 2011

Hey guys...sup? Name here is Chru Chi Sasukey Uchiha. Or you can call me Charm cus it's the first 5 letters in my name. I love love anime and who wouldn't. I knit teddybears for charities, I'm currently working on a book I call Charm's Bloody Bond. Wanna read some chapters, pm me.I draw but not that good so I can't make gold out of it unfortunately. but yeah...

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Me going into grade eleven, 2011
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Me In Grade Ten, 2010
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Me in Grade nine, 2009


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Chru Chi

Hey as you know, Chru Chi is not my real name. I got it from a dream. But in my head I've been making a story about her. So for my people here in gaia i'll be tell you about her and her adventures. I will also be tellin' you about me as well and I'll


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Gorenza Report | 01/12/2012 3:44 pm

My brother invited me over so I am going to get going.
Hope you enjoy your day and the songs of course.
Don't worry about liking all of them.
Gorenza Report | 12/15/2011 6:23 am
"-raises an eyebrow- if last I recalled, we didn't argue when we last met. I've just been busy with a lot of things. I have to record songs onto a CD, for my guests for my party, I'm making a script for the next video we are doing for youtube, helping with my friends problems, and my cousin from the Philippines are coming to Canada today and we had to prepare our house for them. So know I'm not upset, just busy. I am upset that i haven't talk to you in a while. I've missed your lengthy response, yet wise and pondering replies XD. Just like how you had a busy time, this is mine. Well more like crunch time so yeah. XD"

So then did you finish the dress design?
I was just a bit curious as we are getting close to finishing this month and approaching the next year.
I stopped by to see what had transpired at that bloody shadow guild.
Seems some people started writing. It kind of tickled me that there was one writer who refused to use post colors.
Though he wrote that he would be using them in his character bio. Boy post colors must be very important. *smirk*
A script for the next video on youtube? I had no idea you had videos on Youtube.
" I have to record songs onto a cd." Are these songs like the songs you told me about that are native to the Philippines?
Have fun with your family. I hope they don't stress you out too much.
Gorenza Report | 12/14/2011 8:02 pm
It's been a while.
I haven't heard much from you at all about the RP I sent.
Just to make sure, I haven't offended you in any way have I?
Gorenza Report | 10/24/2011 9:39 pm

I see. Well online dating is like an unpredictable ride. Sure it's fun and in many ways it can be exiting like no other ride. It's very difficult to trust.
The direction of it can change very quickly. Quite often your not even sure who's in control or how many people are on the ride. It's not only
unconventional but the rules are misleading. How do you create something a solid foundation in a medium that so easily be manipulated.
How does one embrace a person essence when there valuable qualities are so easily inflated or misinterpreted? Can you be sure your accurately representing yourself?
I suppose these are things that you can argue are present in any sort of relationship. At least when your dating while in physical contact you can make your own judgments.
Judgments based upon something more then what is said. A clear picture can be ascertain when one can witness another person actions.
As importantly you hopefully would be able to see how they treat and react to friends/family members and community members.
You could also witness how they are accepted and treated by other people. These are things that aren't easily bolstered or hidden.
I am sure you are quite aware how people can appear one way online yet be the opposite in reality.
This guy could have a good head on his shoulders. Going at full steam from where you left online could be a tragic mistake. It's like stepping on to a new field and playing a new sport.
You might both be athletes and be great at a different sport together but you haven't yet developed the new skills. Rushing in could lead to both of you being knocked down. It can be embarrassing and leaving you to wounder where you go from there. This guy might be nerves and emitted unsure as to what might happen. We can blame him. Neither of you can plan for all contingency nor are expected to know what to do. ( I do hope this guy isn't older then in certain ages can lead to legal trouble. In that case moving to a steady halt is imperative)
All this conjecture is based off the idea that you have never physically met yet....have you or is this the first time?
Gorenza Report | 10/23/2011 11:39 am
"I just started to like my last year of high skol, but now? Now everything is just a cluster -f**k. I'm dying on the inside."
Dying on the inside? What could possibly be doing this to you?
Gorenza Report | 10/22/2011 11:42 pm
Ah! Your a Hellsing fan fantastic!
Gorenza Report | 10/20/2011 9:34 am
The aquarium message in a bottle screen froze on me. I really wanted to post my answer so I hope you don't mind.
Your question; What would be your most perfect and romantic first date for you?

The place: Somewhere warm, inviting and secluded.
The situation: A chance encounter that led to the date. A bit of luck that benefits both of us and breaks the ice.
The conversation: Laughter, connection, intrigue, seduction.

Thank you very much for your question.
Kacchan Bakugou Report | 03/09/2011 2:28 pm
Kacchan Bakugou
Belzayne Report | 03/05/2011 11:15 am
I see that a lurker has appeared! Hey what's up?
Kacchan Bakugou Report | 01/06/2011 7:39 pm
Kacchan Bakugou
char!!!!!! heart heart heart heart :3



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*giggles* This guy is the best. XD I love him with a passion.

Awesomest real friends ever! XD

My First and Best Roleplay: What's Left Behind *Lit.KH RP*

These are all member of our roleplay, lead by my number one friend Samuel Alexander. They are all great roleplayers and nice friends. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Play as Vexen and Lexaeus.

Play as Demyx.

Play was Saix and Xigbar.

Plays as Zexion.

Play as Axel.

Play as Roxas.

Play as Xion.

As much as I like being a totally different/opposite version of myself while playing as Larxene, It's nice to play someone like Yuffie and being the hyper-active,sly, and clumsy person that I am.

Play as Sora as well.

Play as Kairi.

Play as Leon.

Play as Namine as well.

One of the funiest times with our Group.

Ahhhh...... The sunrising..... It''s pretty.

God how I miss my partner is crime. DX I miss you Marly!

I turn in shame of you Saix and Xemnas. DX