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Who I am.

My name is Danielle but people usually call me Dani or Faerie. The nickname Faerie came from me looking all cute and innocent on the outside but mischeivous on the inside apparently. I am 18 years old and live in Illinois. I love art and want to be a tattoo artist one day. I am Wiccan and if you have a problem with that please keep it to yourself because honestly I don't give a crap. I am all around completely insane and I love every minute of my insanity. I love animals and dislike most people but usually just the people around me where I live. I hate fake, snobby people and if it was'nt illegal I would have probably already ripped their faces off. I can be a violent person if you piss me off to that point where I lose it. Bad idea. I do like anime and horror films. I work at Statesville Haunted Prison and Zombie Army Productions. We are all pretty much nuts. Teehee. Wanna know anything else just ask me!

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