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well my name is emily and im am just emily. I dont like to be grouped with stero types i mean yea i started off with the emo lifestyle but i am a lil bit of everything. anyway i am 15 and learning how to drive oh yea!!! lol i love almost everyting and my fav color...well i prefer the Toxic Rainbow heart im shy at first but once ya get to kno me im just a lil firey ball of a crazy creative mess wink i lovvvveee art especially drawing anime and just out of the ordinary.i am a queen yes a queen- of contridiction and random creative bieng me -ness lol.i dont get mad easily and im not intimidating.....even when i try to look it...so my friend say rolleyes im very nice my friends think im too nice but oh well and mrgreen very observant and i love to pull pranks or kinda step out of my good girl side lol im half good and half naughty but i mean hey we only live once and its fun to be mischiff sometimes twisted as long as its not like robbery or something bad like tht ya kno.oh yea and im not the brightest person or the best speller wink but yea thts about as much as im going to write but if u wanna kno more then just message me or add me on (fb under emily anderson)...i love tacos and bananas!!!!! blaugh


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awesomesauce [:
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Nice profile.
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you welcome
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heys cool pro
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You're welcome. ^_^
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Still love that pic ^_^
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do it
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cookie monster 0_0 rawr
were ur pic u lied
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yeahhhhhhh i know that now. i'm stupid

I'm trying not to love you I'm trying not to care I'm trying not to live my life wishing you were there I'm trying not to wonder were you are or what you do I'm sorry i cant help myself i fell inlove with you. <3

There's this girl in the mirror, I wonder who she is. Sometimes I think I know her and sometimes I wish I did. There is a story in her eyes, lullabies, and goodbyes. When she's looking back at me I can tell...she's hurting inside

Im sittin in the dark I still can’t believe you broke my heart Because of you im fallin apart When did the hurt start? My life is so broken Ever since we broke up we haven’t spoken I hope when you eat you choke Because the heart I gave you, you broke I can’t stop thinking of you And all we have been through I don’t know what to do I never knew That we’d end I thought we were friends I never knew you had to pretend To be there for me I guess it’s good were at our end Im on my own My heart will be sown As you sit there on your thrown All alone Now you’re the one who’s on your own

Roses are red nuts are brown Skirts go up pants go down Body to body; Skin to skin When its stiff stick it in It goes in dry and comes out wet The longer its in, the stronger it gets It comes out dripping and starts to sag But its not what you think its a used tetleys tea bag.

Getting ready to see friends Go to the mirror put on makeup To hide my true self. Is this what life is about? To hide. I see my friends flirty & girly. I try to be happy an like them, but all I feel is alone. No-one here to help me I am different to my friends. I am different, fun, happy girly but is that me? I go back to the mirror an all I see is an unknown girl trying to find away out but I am hidden I hide my true self I am no one. People have skeletons in there closet. I have masks. What do you have?

I’m struggling I’m trying to beat it It’s a match With strength and endurance Death keeps staring at me With those devil eyes of his Whispering things No human has ever heard before I’m not where I should be I don’t think I ‘m ready on what Is about to happen I hold my eyes shut Hoping that it is all a dream I count to ten Bu when I open Death is still there But now He is striding Towards me Befrore I know it A pain comes upon me Then it vanishes I’m gone It’s gone Then I realized I’m dead When I see a pool of blood Surrounding my body I’m dead I’m gone It’s gone..

Roses are red Violets are blue Does it take this much just to be with you?

meh ^_^