Hey Stranger c:

Want to know about me? Well~
First off, I'm Filipino *yay*
1* years old. Currently living abroad in a country I like to call the land of the sheep. (NZ) teehee

Oh, and I'm a girl, born on the 11th of January >u<

I love eating which doesn't make much of a problem for me since I have fast-metabolism. *hurrah* and MOST of the time, I can be found "NAPPING". I'm a little bit 'laid-back' if you know what I mean. *cough* LAZY *cough*

My interests and hobbies:
Reading Manga
Watching Anime and Dramas
Listening to music (K-pop, J-rock, the usual stuff~)
Role-playing on Gaia
Playing soccer

Be my friend? PM me? Maybe? No?:c