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Birthday: 03/15

I love my boyfriend!!

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xD i kiss girls!

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Fav bands WHOOP WHOOP!

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Psychopathic records
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*~♥I Run With Wolves!♥~*

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Friend:calls your parents "mr" and "mrs"

Juggalo: call your parents "mom" and "dad"

Friends: never see you cry

Juggalo:has the best shoulder to cry on

Friend:ask for your number

Juggalo: asks for their number

Friend: will leave you hanging with a crowed

Juggalo:always has your back

Friend: runs for help in a fight

Juggalo:jumps in the fight to help

Friend:will bail your stale a** out of jail

Juggalo:will be sittin' right next to you saying "that was ******** awesome!"

Friend:will help you move out of a house

Juggalo: will help you move the dead body out of the house.

Friend:bums you a cigarette

Juggalo:bums you his last pack

Friend:is there when you need them

Juggalo: is there even when you dont need them

Friend: gets drunk at a party and pukes on your carpet

Juggalo:feels worse than you do about puking on you carpet in the morning.

Friend: hides you from the cops

Juggalo: is probably the reason the cops are after you in the first place

Friend:lets you make an a** out of yourself in public

Juggalo: is there with you making an a** out of themselves too.

Friend: likes you cause your allways doing stupid s**t

Juggalo: loves you even though you do stupid s**t

Friend: is shocked to find out your actually gay

Juggalo: already knew but could care less

Friend:doesn't tell anyone if you tried to kill a guy who tried to kill you

Juggalo: helped you kill the a*****e

Friend:comes with u to your moms funeral

Juggalo: cries with you at your moms funeral

Friend:tells you when his parents doesnt want him to hang out with you any more

Juggalo:laughs in his parents faces for saying that


Juggalos: are 4 ever!

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[[(*ALITTLE ABOUT ME*)]]******************************************


[Relationship stat]-Single

[DOB(date of birth)]- March 16 1994

[Gender]- Female ;D

[Residence]-Wild an Wonderful West Virginia

[School]- TVHS(tug valley high school)

[Favorite Colors]-black, purple, red an green.

[Song of the Moment]-go to church By: snoop dogg an ice cube

[Eye Color]-Hazel

[Hair]-Dark Brown

[Random Fact]- I AM INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!! : D


[Currently]-its December

[Fond of]-Music, boots, I like to Shop at some places,
Gaia, reading, Poetry, singing, rapping, an i couldnt live with out MY IPOD TOUCH!!! <3

[Hates] Homophobes, idiots, HATERS!(;3 but keep on hatin), judgemental people, preps, cheerleaders, jazz music(ew), school... ect.

[LOVES]-Psychopathic records an any artist in it(prefer,ICP,Twiztid,Blaze), Wrestling!(couldnt live without it),UFC, myspace(add me-, CANDY!, hot pockets(lol), COMEDY CENTRAL!, anime, youtube!, spongebob! (((HELLO KITTY!)))"i know imma dork!", invador Zim, Jesus, ect.
"i know, i am a very odd person, but im not so bad once you get to know me.. i admit, I AM, insane, but thats why people love me."

[Quote of the moment]- "What a MarshMellow."~-Jacob Black


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