My names Maggie, most of what i intend to do is always wrong, im constantly happy,i am always lound, im the kinda girl that cranks up the tunes, and dances,im usally shy if i dont know you, but if your my bestfriends, you know how crazy i am,i have an amazing boyfrend, hes so sweet, [: im usally a chill girl,and i do good in school,but i can still party it up.i'm 13 years old & a Sevveyyy at Maplewood junior high.i pretty much text 24/7.
Volleyball& Fastpitch are the best :]
i LOVE to Laugh and Smile.Watching My boyss playing in sports is the besttt.i love it.People think im stuck up, cause i dont talk to you but acutally, you dont talk to me.I HATE drama but im always tied up in it.Boys are very confuseing to me,Ive cried way to much over themm,They always end up treating you like s**t. I Have a couple best friends, and im not saying who, cause you know who you are.I'm not the brightest girl you will meet,But i know ill make an impact on your life.I'm your average teenage girl,i swear more than i should,and talk way to much.