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I'd like these <3



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I rarely go on here anymore since I grew up. However, I will pop on every now and then and maybe go hang out in the parking lot game.. thing. I forgot the name. I sometimes do tekkits for fun and keep a compendium of the links to all the ones I've done in a document. It may be awhile until you hear from me again, as I don't frequent this site anymore.


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medusa2stoned Report | 12/11/2011 10:58 pm
yeah i went to gamestop with my homegirl the midnight it came out. she likes it. heard it was ggood.
im glad u enjoyin it. how u been?
medusa2stoned Report | 11/09/2011 11:23 pm
lolzu. i dont know how to hallelujah. i'm too sweaty balls.

always down to rock. whats good g?
Namaela Report | 10/23/2011 9:45 pm
Yesh! Very happy c:
Namaela Report | 10/23/2011 4:11 am
He certainly is! C:
Susu! New Zealand won the rugby world cup! WOOOO!
Namaela Report | 10/18/2011 9:15 pm
In his paddock O:
Namaela Report | 10/12/2011 11:06 pm
Susu! O:
medusa2stoned Report | 06/20/2011 3:13 pm
OMG AMSTERDAM SOO COOOOL!!! have fun. red light district!!!! ******** hella hoes for me and shoot some heroine!! omg.

i dont go on internets anymore by the way. i have to poo.
Beloved Carmine Report | 06/01/2011 5:14 pm
Beloved Carmine
slightly lol
Kingy Yosmemaru Report | 05/25/2011 12:24 am
Kingy Yosmemaru
Haha, yeah! xD

I really want to post on Gaia, what I look like right now. I just recently dyed my hair, and it looks mega-awesome, in my opinion. ^ ^
medusa2stoned Report | 04/14/2011 1:39 pm
pfft. you so fanny.

everytime i comment you i have to poo. you are a living breathing laxative!



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