What This b***h Is About.

Tierra Lynn Shultz Here I Am Gonna Let You Know A Little About Myself Becuase I Wanna Let You All Know Who I Am Before You Start Judginq Me.
Name-Tierra Lynn Shultz
Lover Of-SINGING.Loving.Haters.Laughing.Animals.ITALIAN Food.And My Fellow Lovers.JUSTIN BIEBER.!!
Hater Of-Bitches.Snobs.Preps.Rich People.Rude People In Jeneral.
Hobbiiii-Singing.Careing.And Loving. Cooking And Fighhtinq
Favrite Things.(Food,Color,Word,Number,Etc.)-Spegettii.Blue,Purpe,Green(Three Way Tie).Love(Fave Word.)......0 Is My Fave Number
Ok One Paragraph About Myself.
Im Tierra I Love It When People Compliment Me&&I Love Smileing Its AJust So Funnn(:
I Dont Really Have Anything To Say Then Thank You For Visiting My Profile Becuase If It Wasnt For You Guys My Pro Wouldnt Look This Wonderful With All Of My Suggestions. heart heart heart biggrin biggrin 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding xd xd xd xd xd lol lol lol lol lol question question question exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim