Some true facts about me:
My name is Steffy (not full name, but you don't need to know that).
I'm 26.
I live in good ol' United States.
I am married to a wonderful, fantastic man who I love dearly (his username is PhantomJavon).
I own a Pomeranian puppy named Luna (she's all-black, and I love her).
I own a kitten named Shadow (Javon and I rescued her, and she's all black like her sister).
My hobbies include; drawing, writing, watching movies, and playing video games.
My favorite color is green.
My favorite food is chicken.
My favorite beverage is Mountain Dew Baja Blast.
My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip.
My favorite actors are Alan Rickman and Johnny Depp.
My favorite actresses are Emma Watson and Maggie Smith.
I love Monty Python and Mel Brooks movies.
I like the Nintendo system only slightly better than the others.
Skyrim is awesome.
My favorite game series is probably Fire Emblem, Pokemon, and Legend of Zelda, and pretty much everything from Elder Scrolls.
Fantasy Life is addicting.
I like Fantasy-themed things most.
I do like to rp (no sex, please). I am very flexible. I'll play guys and girls. But I will NOT do yaoi or yuri. I do not like the idea of gay, but that does not hinder my behavior towards gays. I am just as entitled to my opinion as they are to theirs, so don't badger me for it.
You don't want to make me angry.
Generally I'm very nice and friendly, so don't be afraid to ask me things.
And, for my final note,
I AM VERY WEIRD. And proud of it. c:

Here's my new trainer card. Credit goes to brightsword0 for making it!
User Image
Yes, I adore ghost Pokemon. Got a problem with ghosts? Send them to me! <3

And thats some stuff about me! For those of you who read this.... Congratulations. You're literate. For those who didn't.... Go learn how to read.
Art done by: White Harmony. Thanks, Harmony-chwan! ~
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Report | 03/16/2018 7:14 pm


It has. Just never bother getting on. cat_sweatdrop

Report | 02/26/2018 8:50 am


Oh no I hadn't. Thanks ^w^

Report | 02/25/2018 3:04 pm


I can't get it to work. ._.

Report | 02/08/2018 3:28 pm



Report | 02/06/2018 3:50 pm


I wish I could be a pretty dragon. ;-;

Report | 02/06/2018 2:33 pm


OOooooOOOOooohhhh,... Pretty dragon. :3
White Harmony

Report | 12/30/2017 11:26 am

White Harmony

haha yea I used to think the same xD
but I guess it grew on me yum_puddi

netflix is just as good, well I feel like american netflix is best
canadian netflix is so limited cat_neutral
ooh! I saw there was new episodes for MLP. I haven't watched episodes for that in foreverrrrr.
another item on my watchlist cat_xd
I'll have to add conan to my watchlist too cause I don't think I ever really watched it to get the story.
White Harmony

Report | 12/30/2017 12:31 am

White Harmony

haha yea they are a bit weird cat_xd
especially after you've been wearing them all day--
the sensation between your toes, it's like "oh, my toes have neighbors!?"

haha it sounds cute, I'll be sure to check it out yum_puddi

yea waiting is pain-- it's like when inu-yasha used to play on the tv.
except it's not weekly...and sometimes it is a filler ep/chapter. filler's were always a bummer. cat_xd
I remember conan being on tv too. unfortunately I haven't watched it as much emotion_sweatdrop

those christmas gifts are the best. when their faces light up heart
it's an awesome christmas story, I wanna say thanks for sharing~
White Harmony

Report | 12/28/2017 3:44 pm

White Harmony

toe socks are pretty fun too. cat_xd
I feel like they'd be good with snowy weather too.

It sounds good! emotion_kirakira
I dunno there's something about manga's with idols involved that
you just know will be funny xD
yes, it defintely feels like a tumbleweed moment, akward silence with the cliche breeze-- anime style. cat_xd

I think I may have to look into it. cat_ninja
I wonder if they have a battle rifle version yum_puddi
was his eyes sparkly when he opened that gift? lol
haha, I feel like lil shadow would hunt down the little foam darts. cat_xd
White Harmony

Report | 12/28/2017 11:02 am

White Harmony

yea that's very much me too xD
but since ankle socks-- life is good~♪♪

I love romance, especially if it's comedy-romance.
I may have to check those out. I found a really cute manga: Mizutama Honey Boy
patiently waiting for it to update tho, seems like it's been 80 million years tho cat_sweatdrop

you're building a collection! xD
that's awesome! kinda making me wish I had one lol
was it expensive?


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