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want art? order here <3
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User Image by hollister panda

R.I.P DIXIE i miss you so much dixie! ;_; i would do anything to have you back. You were a perfect dog. I will miss you forever and i will never forget you!
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<33 a hott russian guy who can sing amazingly well! <333 yay (and thank u ben for sending me this video <33))


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Breeze_xox Report | 04/06/2020 7:49 pm
Stopping by to show you a little love heart miss you !!
Florida Love Report | 03/06/2015 5:10 pm
Florida Love
Hello! :3
You made me some really pretty avi art a few days ago, but I haven't had a chance to come by and properly thank you for it due to RL stuff.
And the reason why I'm doing it in your comment box is because I didn't want to necro your thread.

So thank you so so so much!! <3
The art was stunning. I know you were saying you didn't like the quality, but I thought the art was still lovely. <333
Aya_Natsume2016 Report | 12/11/2013 6:24 pm
Awesome Avi and saw the Edward Elric icon, I'm surprised it wasn't about his height lol
Psychotic Scarlet Report | 06/08/2013 1:29 pm
Psychotic Scarlet
One I found was 180k. Times that by 6. And that's how much I bought from him.
The one I found now is pretty cheap and he draws very nice <3333

HHAAHA. Thank youu! It's actually pretty old. I made it like 3 yrs ago but I change the age on there gradually.
Psychotic Scarlet Report | 06/08/2013 10:49 am
Psychotic Scarlet
omg you have no idea.
Sometimes I get lucky and find awesome people who draw men sooo goood. emotion_drool
It's godsend slfjslfkjsf
Psychotic Scarlet Report | 06/08/2013 10:17 am
Psychotic Scarlet
Hohohohh. Yeaaah? I believe I am going to check it out. huhuheuhee.
I am running around the art forums for man art! xD
Psychotic Scarlet Report | 06/08/2013 9:33 am
Psychotic Scarlet
I am goood sexy faceee! How are youuuu?
Psychotic Scarlet Report | 06/07/2013 5:52 pm
Psychotic Scarlet
Helllooooo~ <3<
Health Kitt Report | 04/22/2013 9:38 pm
Health Kitt
Well, that's understandable. ^^
At least I can look at the pretty art you already have up. >w>
Health Kitt Report | 04/22/2013 9:24 pm
Health Kitt
Do you have a DeviantArt that I can follow or something? o:


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