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A Little About Me

    Welcome to my page

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    I'm 24, female (don't let my username fool you) and live in Canada with my pets and boyfriend. I use the username starblazer because it was the show name of my maine coon cat (picture above).

    My current pets are:
    -Amber, my mix breed small dog (picture above on "her" blanket or at least she seems to believe it belongs to her)
    -a rose-hair tarantula in a 18" x 18" x 24" terrarium (picture coming if I can get a decent picture)
    -an emporor scorpion in a 33 gallon tank (picture above sleeping in pot)
    -a 10 gallon marine tank with a clown fish, a blue-legged hermit crabs and a red/purple lobster that I can't remember the name of
    -a 33 gallon tropical tank with a red-tailed shark, small clown loach, female rope fish, four hillside loaches (look like little ray plecos to me) and two clown plecos
    -a 29 gallon with a red-bellied piranha and several convict cichlids who have finally stopped multipling (my piranha barely ever kills and eats one)
    -a 55 gallon with two jack demspy, a texas cichlid, female green terror, firemouth cichlid (female I think), jewel cichlid, dark blue with yellow tail cichlid (can't find his name right now), peacock cichlid and 3 large plecos (not common but can't remember the name of them)
    -a 10 gallon tank with a male betta and a common pleco

    If you think I'm doing something wrong with any of my pets you can message me. I don't mind debating the care of my animals and am open to different ideas/suggestions BUT if you start flamming me and/or think that your way is always right I will either ignore you or tell you what is wrong with what you are telling me I must do and what will (possibly) happen if I listen to you.

    If you have any questions about tropical fish feel free to ask me. I've taken care of quite a few different fish from the peaceful tetras, rasboras, gouramis to the semi-aggressive barbs and sharks to the aggressive cichlids I currently have.

    I love RPG video games with the final fantasy series being among my favorites.

    If you need help getting a shiny pokemon in any of the fourth or fifth generation games message me and I will see what I can do. Please note that I use pokegen for my shinies in the fourth generation (until I can find a user friendly RNG guide for it) and I RNG for my shinies in the fifth generation (if the eggmoves are too complicated to get I will use pokegen for the fifth generation). I require the following information before I even start to get a shiny for you:
    Gender, ability, IVs, hidden power type/strength, nickname, eggmoves and anything else you can think of. If you don't care about one or more of the stuff listed let me know in your message. I will not get you a pokemon that isn't out yet/ability hasn't been released/impossible eggmoves; so basically the pokemon must look legit when I am done with it or I will not take the request.

    It should take me 2 days max once I have the above information. This all depends on what I have going on but should usually take me no more than a couple hours if I'm not busy.
    If you have a problem with one/both of my methods don't bother messaging me because I will ignore you.
    I make NO GUARANTEES that I will be able to get you the pokemon that you are requesting.

    My Rules: (for all messages sent to me)
    -if I can't read your message I will ignore it so use proper english (no internet slang)
    -spelling/grammer errors are fine as long as it looks like you are trying but try to reread your message to look for errors before sending it
    -if you are rude to me I will not help you and may proceed to ignore you
    -if I can't understand what you are saying/asking in your message and you follow the above rules I will message you to see if I got it right

    It all depends on what mood I'm in.
    The same applies if I see everyone ganging up on someone with major flaming/insults whether I agree with them or not.

    It really isn't that hard to be decent to people. You don't have to be polite but there is no need for people to be downright rude.

    The following link has some information on customizing your profile if you are interested.

    How to Code a v2/Current Profile Guide
    I found it very helpful for doing mine.

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Digimon Emperor 555
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