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Birthday: 03/28


A little about myself...I guess...

I hate to talk about myself, but I suppose it could not hurt to write a little bit about myself (Little did I know that those words would come to haunt me).

First up, Kingdom Hearts... I highly enjoy it, so please don't sling around comments about it that are negative without having a reason or some sort of back-up.

Speaking of reasons... Reasons, they are an amazing thing, have one.

I like to hear/see people's opinions, unadultarated. Don't hide yourself for fear of judgement. I am not one to judge.

Spelling... this is probably the thing that has eluded me my entire life.

I find learning about religions interesting, if you feel like going on a religious rant, invite me to listen.

Blood type: NA

I like to laugh and do so often.

I really enjoy the rain.

If I could live anywhere where would it be? Where I live now.

I am the type of person that no matter what, in my mind, I am the worst, not you. People find this trait annoying.

I don't like it when people act differently on my birthday.

I say sorry... quite often, if this offends you then... sorry.

I think this is all people should need to entertain themselves for a while, although I am not that entertaining.

Shoo, shoo, go read a creepypasta or something.

I run my mouth how much!?

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