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Welp. Here we go.Let me tell you the story of my "GAIA years"
I made my Gaia Account in May of 2008. At the time I was 11. Yes, I was the rebellious child who lied about their age in order to join a website. At the time I had very little social interaction skills. I had a very small group of friends. I moved around a lot and I had trouble adapting to social circles. They seemed to be the only people who even gave me the time of day. I loved these people. The only problem was I never knew what they were talking about. ALL they talked about was "Anime". I just knew it was that thing my brother watched a lot. Anyways, it got to the point where I realized. Okay. In order to understand what the hell is going on and be able to partake in conversations I HAVE to get on the Anime train.
So I did. I got into Naruto, One Piece (Pirates or Ninjas? Both. Don't make me choose asshat), Inuyasha, and Ouran High School Host Club ( I have yet to even finish though). I was heavily indulged in these shows. Luckily I had watched invader zim as a child so that part of the conversation I could ease into. Slowly I was pulled in to the Weebawoo movement of 2008. I was obsessed with Anime, I watched random fan flashes, I invested so much time in seeing EVERY invader zim, I owned SO MUCH GIR MERCH. Eventually I joined Gaia. This community made that phase even bigger. Then I started talking in that fashion. I started listening to Three Days Grace. I pushed aside my indie music, because it "wasn't as cool as 80s music". I was "emo" but without black hair (mom wouldn't let me dye it), a scene cut (my mom had me keep the same hair for years), skinny jeans (mom wouldn't let me wear them), or really anything physical. Cause. My mom (THANK GOD THOUGH SHES A TRUE HERO). I wasn't really into these things though. I only did/listened to/watched or whatever because the only people that wanted to talk to me did/listened to/watched. I made SO many friends on here. They would tell me what things they liked... then I would pretend to like them- I would watch the show and google characters to obsess over. I would do anything to impress people and make them like me.
This phase continued up until late 2010. When I started highschool I hit a bit of a confusing time. Half of my middle school friends went to a different school. I began hanging around new people. They all liked anime- but not as much. I started to realize that they ALL liked different music and they all STILL liked eachother and STILL were friends...and I learned that I did not have to force myself to listen to Daughtry, Three Days Grace, Creed, Nickelback, and other s**t. Actually I do like Three Days Grace still kind of. Just not as much.
I realized that Taking Back Sunday, Brand New,Cartel and Lydia, were not bad music and actually OTHER PEOPLE listened to them. Through Cartel I found a band Say Anything, and in 2010 I listened to their 2009 album and fell in love. I realized I needed to do/listen to/watch things that interest me, for my own reasons, and for my own happiness. Not to impress others.
I got more involved in theatre. I listened to whatever the ******** I wanted (although some artists stayed consistent like Green Day and Outkast and REM.)
As I began to follow my own path, I stopped coming on here as much. I believe the last time I came on and actually did something was in mid 2011, and that was just to check and see what happened the past few months.
I made friends in real life, found things I LOVE, and began living my life for me.

This summer I recalled how much time I spent on here. SO>MUCH>TIME>ON>HERE>.fil
I could not believe how much time I spent invested in this site. I forgot how many friends I made, the Guilds I made/joined. The business I began. I had a whole life on here. It was so easy to abandon. Looking back, it was a wonderful experience. I miss this place a lot at times. I'm 18 now. I am off at college, and I have begun my adult life. Its kind of strange to think most of my early teenage life was spent building a "future" on a website, when in reality it got me nowhere. Don't get me wrong, it was so great here. But I feel like I could have been way more productive. Then again, I would not have met the AMAZING people on here. So, Thank you. To everyone and anyone reading this. 1)For taking the time to read it. and 2) for being part of an amazing online community.
-Squishytobi 09/30/2014

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Frostfur24 Report | 09/18/2015 1:08 am
xXxHeartless-latinaxXx Report | 07/13/2011 10:08 am
You want 10000000 gold then copy/paste this to 10 proifle and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!! it really works!!!!!!
Pinnemie Report | 10/15/2010 11:32 pm
haha niiice
handy dandy notebook xD
EpicSmilesFTW Report | 10/13/2010 6:36 pm
have you seen how much it's changed?
Muffin_Bunny659 Report | 08/17/2010 5:17 pm
And Hiiya Tobi I Missed Yuh Sooo Muchhh =]]...
Muffin_Bunny659 Report | 08/17/2010 5:17 pm
Happy Birthday Tobi On Gaia =]]!!
Peij Report | 07/13/2010 1:08 pm
Hi! Oh my dear lord, it's been a long a** time.
My last account was
I use this one now. I miss you, Tobi!!
Tiffany Olsen Report | 04/09/2010 7:23 pm
Tiffany Olsen
i liq ya pro exspecially dat blues clues thingy lolz
lll Ryuzaki lll Report | 02/22/2010 11:17 am
 lll Ryuzaki lll
wink thx ur awsome biggrin
lll Ryuzaki lll Report | 02/20/2010 8:23 am
 lll Ryuzaki lll
biggrin yeah really good to hear that...good for u, but sad when u leave gaia for that while...it was not the same without u so i leave gaia too :'(
but uh well...a lot of months later i come back again and then i change all my thing and then i became kimimaro kaguya XD...
ok But I want to know is you're going to keep connecting on gaia because I miss you so much tobi sad

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When people look into your eyes, they see pure innocence.
Your eyes sparkle and you like to flaunt them, and often
use them to manipulate people. You're a kind-hearted and
intellectual person that loves being loved and getting attention...
but others don't see that you can sometimes be
defensive and aggressive when you don't get your way.
You're really not as innocent as some people think!