so uh, hai!

Ohai there. My name's Spooky Bean, but you can uh, call me Robin. So uh, it's been a long arse time since I've last updated this little section of my profile.

Alrightie, I'll just start with the basics..

My age.. I'm not gonna tell you, bwaha. Only if you're my close friend, then will I'll enclose my secret on my age to you.

I come from Singapore! I'm Asian, don't judge me. I have the blood of a Chinese and a Filipino, and I'm a Singaporean. I don't appreciate being a Singaporean, actually.

I love wolves and foxes so ridiculously much, that even the word love cannot describe how much I adore and respect such beautiful animals.

I'm really bubbly, and calm on the oddest of situations. You may provoke me, but it takes a lot of provoking to actually make me retaliate. You best not try, stranger. But yes, I'm a docile creature.. and I don't bite, hard.

One word that makes the world turn: Yaoi.

Okay, enough of me describing myself. My incompetent brain is slowly deteriorating inside my skull. Uh, PM me maybe? Let's be friends, because Gaian friends are awesome.

SKYPE ME MAYBE: huskyfox_

Kyoyoyo-kun my baby and lover for life ♥