Hello. My names Jeff, I'm a sailor, and I love my wife.
We've been married for a few years now online. I ain't looking for anyone else.
We're planning on having kids one day together,
so no funny business a$$holes.
You can find me in Towns 1 most likely. No I don't add people instantly either.
But I won't shy away from conversations that perk my interest.
I don't keep contact with anyone off of Gaia. Only keane, Jake, and my wife.
So ******** off with that idea. Understood? Good.
Thanks for stopping by, see ya'.


- Old couple art of the wife and I -
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"The wise man knows his fate, the fool merely finds it."

"We came from caves and paved our way to today. So hey. Perhaps that indicates the fact this teensy race adapts. We're made to last!"

I don't do this just for myself. I do this because I love my wife, my family, and my country.

"Jump Fifty feet in to the arm"
-Axel99zx, Unknown

"I got deaded! Medic!"
-SnazzyBullets, Battlefield 3, to MrGlentastic07

"You need to know how to live before you die"
-SnazzyBullets, Destiny, PvE

-Neck Twisting over the Radio-
-Get Chunked!-
-Pigeon Mayo!-

"Spartans never die, they just re-spawn a few seconds later."

El Salvador

The easiest day was yesterday.

He doesn't need his own weapons. He has ours.

Changes need to be made.

Changes will be made.

Anything less and that is it, no more chances.

+Art+ (These have NOT been done by me)


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