I will be leaving you Gaia, very soon.

I plan to be completely gone by Christmas.
I wished I could have stayed for a few more years, but people and times change.
I will shed away my old self, to assume my rightful position, I will throw everything away for this moment, my old home, friends, my European heritage, and even you Gaia. But because of you Gaia, the community, which I have fallen so in love with, I must commend you, you have a large impact on my morality, that will no doubt influence my decisions for the future.

To all my friends, those whom I've been so close with, I'm sorry for leaving so abruptly, but it was coming. I do not go on like I use to, so it's best that I left soon.
I will try to stay out of the line of fire, so don't worry too much about me. I have a dedicated team behind, willingly to give their lives up for me. It may not be much, but I have acquired a fair share of items and some gold. If any of you would like, send me a personal message, (So I receive an Email notice of it), and I will try to send something your way as an apology.

Sorry, and Thank You.


I have left Gaia as of December 25th, 2010.

Thank you, and Sorry.