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x-xblackened-romancex-x Report | 07/02/2010 1:48 pm
xD my ego? honestly i have no ego. theres nothing i like about myself. my eyes, MAYBE. i can admit that there ARE smarter people out there but im not THAT dumb x] and yea they did give me alot of drugs. im not dead. believe me if you want, and if u dont thats not my problem. you DID say you expected me to feel a little sympathy for you hun. i know how to read. and i dont care wtf other ppl think especially if i dont know them [: your friends can say all the sh*t they want. i dont give a f*ck. if you want this conversation to be over, then fine. but if you think this is a competition, no one has come out victorious.
x-xblackened-romancex-x Report | 07/02/2010 11:21 am
role playing? :l i think not.
x-xblackened-romancex-x Report | 07/02/2010 8:56 am
symphony? and IM the one that doesnt know the english language?its sympathy my dear. and yea, i do feel a little sympathy for you now. but the only thing keeping me from REALLY feeling bad for you, is the fact that you expect me to. but im scitzophrenic. i was locked in a room for 5 frikken years with mirrors and needles and no conversation with anyone else. i literally drove myself mad and clawed at my arms fo make sure i was still alive and not in a coma like you were in. they put so many frikken drugs in my body i didnt even know what was real anymore. i went in at the age of 6. i got out at 11. i didnt know what the hell was going on so you have to forgive me if i think it was horrible. they used me as a test dummy but the treatments still did jack for me so they just put me on a frikken pill to stop the voices.
x-xblackened-romancex-x Report | 06/30/2010 2:24 pm
well wtf ever i didnt know what the hell tht chick said all i saw as you callin her a noob, ok? and if you dont wanna hear my lifes history then dont give me yours. im pretty sure ive suffered alot more mental health problems than you can ever edure. i can handle physical pain. and als, i did start this convo bc u were being an asshole
x-xblackened-romancex-x Report | 06/29/2010 7:03 pm
im not big headed im just tired of people like you thinking youre better than everyone else and thinking that you have the worst life out there. I KNOW for a fact that im not perfect, nor will i ever be. my life is pretty good as compared to yours, but if you expect me to feel sorry for you, thats not going to happen. i grew up moving from home to home, living with a bunch of abusive men that my mother slept around with just to get a place to stay. im currently living with my aunt who i am more than happy to call mom because she took me in. i know what its like to be picked on because im 15 and im a junior in high school. i skipped 3 frikken years. i apologize for my previous language if that offended you but i dont approve of you picking on what you call 'noobs' when theyre only 2.0 CL lower than you in zOMG! i didnt know the bird guy was harrassing you but i got after you for picking on that girl. :l i know it must suck with your past and all but the harder people are on you the stronger the person you will become. youre not a monster youre just pretty immature, but no one ever said that had to be a bad thing. if you want to continue this argument, i say go for it. but honestly? its kind of pointless.
x-xblackened-romancex-x Report | 06/29/2010 12:31 pm
that wasnt what you said. you said you were a cat capable of taking down a pack of rabbits and i was a dog struggling to take down one. you did mention me not being able to understand my own language but not in a metophoric phrase. i keep deleting your comments because youre as annoying as hell and i honestly dont need to be reminded of ppl like you every time i visit my own profile xD and i got tired of my page being so long just because of comments... anyways, the conversation could come to an end if you would stop harrassing people. if you dont like my grammar, then thats your problem. and none of the comments you've posted are true(: trust me hun, im starter than you think.
x-xblackened-romancex-x Report | 06/29/2010 11:39 am
you mean your metaphor? you didnt give me more than one hun. To me youre pretty much saying that just because someone was raised doing something doesnt mean their good at it.
x-xblackened-romancex-x Report | 06/29/2010 10:14 am
like i said before, there's nothing wrong with my grammar. and if you think there is then you OBVIOUSLY dont know proper english(: i know perfectly well what a metaphor is, and i know exactly what you were trying to say, but your facts have to be straight for your metaphor to make even the slightest bit of sense wink
x-xblackened-romancex-x Report | 06/29/2010 9:10 am
hmm... if you knew anything at all about our language you would find no flaws in my typing(: and if you knew anything at all about animals, you'd know that dogs hold more power when it comes to killing, and can easily take down a pack of rabbits, and a cat.
x-xblackened-romancex-x Report | 06/27/2010 7:24 pm
yea well if u cant understand what im trying to say, then youre even more immature than i thought(: