Welcome to my profile.
Prepare to be mindscrewed.

So.. I guess I should start with the basics:

Name: I prefer you call me Snowy sweatdrop
Age: If you are close enough to me on Gaia I would tell you if you asked me 3nodding
Gender: I'm a man but I have a female avatar for no reason...what do you think? I'm a girl...
Homestate: Born a Texan (USA), I have lived in California for about four years...moved back to the Lone Star due to personal issues.
Personality: I'm normally nice but if you annoy me all hell will break loose twisted
Orientation: It's weird that people want me to put this neutral Creeper much? Anyway, I'm straight. Heterosexual, straighter than a toothpick. I can go further but... TIME FOR THE NEXT THINGIE
Pet Peeve: When people make grammar mistakes...when I especially make grammar mistakes. Stupid people who like to start fights on the internet "Oh you're so scary...please don't Caps Lock me to death stare "
Current Obsessions: One Piece, DeviantART, Fanfiction, role-playing.
Stuff That People Find Annoying: The fact that I'm a total shipper...although I only worship one pairing out of all of them heart (If you look into my profile more, you'll understand...)
Stuff That I find Annoying: My glasses...I freaking. Hate. Them.
Stuff That I Wish Weren't True: That I'm as blind as a bat so I'm going to have them for a while...Also war, bullies, trolls.

Memorable Quotes:

If you have one foot on yesterday and the other on tomorrow, you will be taking the biggest s**t on today. -My dad (best role-model ever lol)
Buggy: You...cut me to pieces...
Zoro: I WAS ******** KIDDING!!!
-None Piece
My father was a test tube and my mother was a rubber-band. You do the math! -Luffy (None Piece)
Ugh, I dragged his a** two miles and you had the *censor beep* key the whole *censor beep* ******** time?! -Zoro (None Piece)
I'M GOOD AT YELLING TOO!!! -Zoro (None Piece)
You all have baby squirrel *censor beep*!-Usopp (None Piece)
No! Punch the hover board and eat the swing-set! -Zoro (None Piece)
Ok! So we're all clear on this, the hover board is made of licorice, we can punch it if we want to, but only if it's near a swing-set. -Lelouche (None Piece) ((Don't ask why he's there xD))

Favorite Pairings

One Piece

Usopp/Kaya (OTP), Franky/Robin, Robin/Brook (Crack pairing), Law/Monet, Others I can't think of at this moment...

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