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Get to know me.

I'm fairly reserved( I like to keep to myself). I am bipolar and I have multiple personalities so i tend to get confused and annoyed quite easily. I like video games and riding my bike. I'm not lazy but I'm not an athlete either. Things I hate: liers, thieves, people with no respect for others, and especially people who stab me in the back.

Think about it.

A weak little kid can take down the school bully, a field mouse can jump 5 feet into the air, an ant can lift 100 times its weight, a bacterium can kill a person, an atom can destroy a city. As small and innocent as something may look, it can have a power greater than can be imagined. So next time you judge something by its appearance, think. Is this really what it seems?


Welcome! I try to keep the prices at this store as resonable as I can, but if you have a comment, idea, or want to set up a deal, just PM me.


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