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sky-lights Report | 11/17/2008 12:45 am
Twisted Mistake Report | 12/21/2007 3:58 am
Twisted Mistake
a-xenomorph Report | 12/10/2007 1:40 am
animefriendly Report | 12/03/2007 2:00 pm
I see that : O
animefriendly Report | 12/02/2007 3:00 pm
Looks great ^.^

Still, it looks familiar....
animefriendly Report | 12/01/2007 11:00 am
How are you holding up?
animefriendly Report | 11/26/2007 3:29 pm
Yeah... *sigh8
animefriendly Report | 11/25/2007 5:46 pm
Doing okay, still hanging in there
animefriendly Report | 11/23/2007 10:48 am
Welcome back ^_^
Violent JCA Report | 11/22/2007 9:03 pm
Violent JCA
love the profile babe

True Love Last Forever

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Tis Is Wat You Need To Know

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Thanks for stopping by, but I guess I should tell you a little about myself.. So I will do my best on that, Well I'm bisexual and I'm in a relationship with a wonderful man. I'm crazy and and funny as hell, I have a weird sense of humor but I find things funny, even if other people don't find those things funny. lol hell, I don't really care much on what people think about me. cuz I've been there and done that, out of high school and done with all the drama. If you wanna chat with a cool person, then send me a pm... Btw, I love random pm's and comments... do go ahead and leave me one. Wouldn't mind it if yah did.

Well i don't have a lot of things to say, I'm more of an ask and I'll type women. So if i missed anything or if you would like to know more about me, then just send me a pm.

OH Yea! >.<

I'm 5'5 and I have long red hair with black tips, I got a lip ring and a tattoo. My eyes are hazel but they change color with my mood. [Think of a moon ring] I will be getting my tongue done and my left eye brow done as well.. Well, that should be it.. I'm also living in Kansas City...

vxv I like this pic, so i posted it vxv
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