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Hey there, thanks for viewing my profile. Allow me to first say that I am what you might call an 'Elder Gaian,' meaning I am 18 and older. I'm going to leave it at that. If that's too much of a problem for you, then I must bid you a good day. Thanks for stopping by. Although while you're here, welcome. Watch my AMVs if you wish and leave a comment if you so desire. Or don't... whichever makes you happy.

Some info about me:

Me: Skythos. I won't tell you my actual name, unless I deem otherwise.
Age: 18+
Location: Here on gaia.
Real location: Wouldn't you like to know? lol Actually its in Tx, USA

First and foremost, I feel like I should clarify one thing. I do have a life outside of Gaiaonline. Yes, it's shocking, I know. It can, and does, interfere when I don't want it to, so I may have to vanish on you without warning. I will endeavor to inform you prior to my leaving, but no promises. Enjoy your free time while it lasts younglings, for you shall have less than you think when you get older.



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Azure Days

Its fine being foolish.
So look out for traces if our dreams.
Farewell, Azure days!

Let us go with the flow - Someday, we will become adults,
and gradually become tainted.
Only the ripe fruit will be picked, and be sliced by the knife.
But before we get swallowed.....

We all strived for Shangri La without being overtaken by our desires.
We kept searching for a freedom covered in fantasies.
Im able to say this now, that this is the eternity we want.

Farewell Azure days!