About ME!
I'm now 19
I'm going into my second year of college
I live in Texas
I was born in Wisconsin
I (currently) have bleach blonde hair
I'm 5'5"- 5'6"
I'm like 140-145lbs ._.
I'm on the Debate team
I formed a pagan group on my college campus
Yes, I'm a pagan and I love it!
Any thing else just ask

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Your element is Light. Your heart is pure and shining with love. You believe in the goodness of those around you and give almost everyone a smile. You are not the kind to hide your happiness and tend to smile all day long, both in and out. But when sadness hits you, you become very devastated and may be upset for quite some time. What you need in your life is friends, friends who will love you unconditionally, like you love them. But you have a naive nature and don't always notice when someone is trying to hurt you. Some would say you are oblivious to mean people, which makes you an easy target. However, your true friends will probably be there for you and save you. In school you are either the popular one or the little weird one. It all depends if "the higher people" find your caring side irritating or not. Nevertheless, you have a bubbly personality and are social. Big partys may not be your thing since you want bonding time with your friends, so slumber-partys fit you more. You like the happy things in life and like everyone else to be as happy as you are.

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Bah, another journal.

Just read damn you

I'm not the most intresting person and I probobly will write annoying things or pointless things. I hope you enjoy.



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Not even Odin and Freya knows

That's fine, I can work around your face. Put on a mask :3

how much they canChange the world...
Libidinous Rex

Report | 10/04/2012 9:27 pm

Libidinous Rex

i had a terrible accident and had my entire face cleaved off

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Nipples. emo

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not a thing, thank you for the art again.
I hope you have a grand lifetime.
Trashiyama Shuu

Report | 09/14/2012 10:20 pm

Trashiyama Shuu

I think I might stalk you instead smile
It sounds like you might actually be meeting people, which is nice. Not these Soulless f*cks everywhere else. I think you have to be Soulless to beg for gold and put your picture on your signature. Thats just my opinion though
Trashiyama Shuu

Report | 09/14/2012 10:08 pm

Trashiyama Shuu

That is true but also I think the people we liked moved on to new places like Twitter and Tumblr. I do still like Gaia. It's interesting and almost on of a kind. But it's a lot better when you have friends. Like remember Courtney's Gaia Wedding smile stuff like that makes me want to come back though I know it will never be like that again.
OH! and i've noticed that almost everyone has a photo of themselves and beg for donations like 'wtf' in our day we strayed from those people. We only sent pictures when we knew someone and bonded with them, not from looks but from knowing their personality
Trashiyama Shuu

Report | 09/14/2012 9:56 pm

Trashiyama Shuu

Well for a while I worked on getting this Avi. I decided for once I wanted to look nice on gaia XD
And now I dont know what to do. I wander around :/ looking for friends. Failing miserably. People on here are diffrent then how they used to be. Or maybe it's just me.
Also,I tried my hand at being a Vendor again. It's bloody hard. There are too many items and the market is even harder to predict
Trashiyama Shuu

Report | 09/14/2012 9:43 pm

Trashiyama Shuu

Thank you
I'm still going to attempt it, I need to have a fall back plan lol.
How is school?
Trashiyama Shuu

Report | 09/14/2012 9:31 pm

Trashiyama Shuu

Oh thank you Ashley smile
lol I was in the same situation and was overwhelmed by all of the items D:
But I knew your style and tried to help you out XD
It's not perfect but yeah razz I figured that could be a starting point
Raven Violette

Report | 04/17/2012 2:24 pm

Raven Violette

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Getting back in the groove of Gaia again and have a dream avi!
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