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"You put Batteries in it, you load it, and your like....Yo."
"NICI! You raped my I-Dog?!"
"Bika no Bita."

Yeah sorry about that, just some good memories. With some of my Bff's.
They mean everything to me! I love all my friends to absolute death, I would never try to hurt them.
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L E X Y ( ONLY THE COOLIEST!) Love me or hate me I am still gonna shine! GOT IT BETCH?! ((JK!))

Okay I am a b***h, get on my bad side and I will mess you up, okay?...
Happy Nici!?!?

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageI am a Christian, I believe in God yo, Got it? Good. Now don't be all hatin on my God! I love him yo!!User ImageUser ImageUser Image
<Sorry I was feeling gangster>

Oh, I guess I will tell some normal junk about me that won't scare you. I am fifteen and I live in Illinois. I live with my mom, moms boyfriend and my little brother. I actually live in a duplex house, which meens two families live in it. I think....but I live at one end and another family lives at the other. I got a big house....
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Actually, we can bearly afford it. ^_^

Some random Facts about meh-
*I wuv purple
*Skittles are da bomb!
*I am cooler than you.
*Twilight and Harry Potter are the best books in da world!
*I spray Axe in my room as air freshener. Mmm.
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Hehe. Maybe you could keep that one a secret? Please!

Leave me a comment Dammit. Or I will hunt you down and sick my vicious pitbull on you.
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That actually is my pitbull. A couple years ago. ^_^

Well anywayz.... I love to cheer, play Volleyball and Softball. I hate running, push-ups and pull-ups. Eww.
Btw...I have OED. It is a very serious disease. Obsessive Edward Disorder. Could be critical! Edward is the sexiest beast alive! Or...umm....
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Predator Of Dark_xx Report | 06/23/2009 8:42 am
Predator Of Dark_xx
This post was removed because it appeared to be spam / chain mail.
SweetPandaGirl-Rockpuppy Report | 03/18/2009 7:41 pm
Guess what all I gotta say is CHEETAHLICOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't get "Sweet Caroline" Outta meh head! SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOD!!!!!!
Jasper Is mine of course of courese Jasper is mine no dought if any one takes my Jasper I will Murder them make em' look emo and put them in a bag with rocks and throught them in a lake!! I will boil them and treat em' like James rip of there head burn them andd therough the ashes in the ocean! Oh Yeah I'm violent and a bad a** B***H! But it's me and It's my B-day! It's March 18th! B-town is rockin the world things that are mine are Jasper,Jasper,Jasper,Jasper,Craisle,Jasper,JasperJasper,JasperJasJasper,Jasperper,JasperJasper,JasperJasper,JasperJasper,JasperJasper,JasperJasper,JasperJasper,JasperPenguins,Pandas,Milk shakes,Jasper,Jasperand Seth!Jasper,JasperJasper,Jasper! (I'm a total nerd!). Just have an awesome day!
~That's why I call myself a wth now the wicked witch of the west if you want
the full glory of it.If people are goilng to
call you a lunitic anyway why not get the
benifit of it? It liberates you form confrontation!______________Elpaba Wicked Read my Journal and leave a comment!
I am Snow Miser!User Image
MyDeadNightmaresAlive Report | 03/03/2009 3:44 pm
It's me SweetPandaGirl-rockpuppy or B-town! I gots new gaia but it sucks! Check outs my journal my other one sweetpanda one!
P.S I hate Edward Cullen!
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yuh yuh Jasper!User Image
BrittyBoo1412 Report | 02/18/2009 2:08 pm
hay can i have your GG plz!!!
Sasuke_Smiles_Scare_Me Report | 01/27/2009 4:38 pm
so who won that tekteking contest you held about a month ago?
baebyPHAM Report | 12/25/2008 5:27 am
Cute Avi, btw.
BrittyBoo1412 Report | 12/22/2008 7:38 am
hay pick up ur phone we need to talk about r date today!!!!!
Xx_Sexy_Phishy_xX Report | 12/19/2008 7:22 am
hey lexy
BrittyBoo1412 Report | 10/30/2008 2:30 pm
hay b***h how r u??? go look at my profile!! IT IS AWSOME!!!!! read my random stuff its at the bottom
BrittyBoo1412 Report | 10/28/2008 10:53 am
stupid littel bor... FIND HIM!!!


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