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Jackie1153 on 10/31/2021

Dragin' these things around

I'll offer you a rosehip or even two for these


That's me

Holy banana pizzas! A visitor! Ehum, hello random reader, I'm pleased to meet you.

So, my name is Tom and I'm 21 years old. I live in Stockholm, Sweden. Now that the basic stuff has been taken care of, I have to warn you!
Caution, caution!
I'm both confused and confusing, I promise you. So If your find yourself in another world full of nonsense and shiny silver spoons, I might have lured you there! Speak to me at your own risk and get rid of the hummingbird on your shoulder before it eats your favorite hat. And don't be surprised if I say weird things as "Holy banana pizzas!" In fact, I think you have experienced it already.

I draw a lot, you can see my drawings at my deviantART-page. Simply follow the link below my avatar. I'm not good at updating though. It's mostly traditional, excpet for pixel art.

I've also been studying art for a few years as well as Japanese. I'm currently studying arxhaeology at Stockholm University.

You are hereby kicked out of this text box. Please reenter from above if anything was unclear. Also try to read from right to left, for a slightly different experience.


[img:cd2c18c549][/img:cd2c18c549] [img:cd2c18c549][/img:cd2c18c549]


False statements

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Cassandra G Varcolaci Report | 07/28/2019 2:31 am
Oj vad gammal man känner sig nu... xD
Cassandra G Varcolaci Report | 01/10/2017 1:20 pm
Pssssst! Är du där? wink
Janvier Of The Wind Report | 05/18/2014 2:41 pm
Hola Siskan, how are you smile kept missing you on here xD
Janvier Of The Wind Report | 04/30/2014 12:40 pm
Hi your online biggrin
Aoifel Report | 04/30/2014 8:43 am
Hey back in towns 2 3nodding 3nodding
Janvier Of The Wind Report | 04/29/2014 6:57 pm
if you want my facebook acct to keep in touch just PM me i go there sometimes lol texting is my thing mostly smile miss ya but i gtg now late here sad -hugs-
Janvier Of The Wind Report | 04/29/2014 6:49 pm
Its going good taking some courses and working like crazy. What career choice are you thinking of now smile
Janvier Of The Wind Report | 04/29/2014 6:42 pm
HEHE yes you did more practice in order to scare me smile im doing good and how is everything going for you. Been a long time since we talked and I havent been on skype lately/
Janvier Of The Wind Report | 04/29/2014 6:38 pm
BOOOOO smile how are you stranger -hugs-
Cassandra G Varcolaci Report | 08/22/2013 11:14 am
Du är bara sur för att jag föredrar att spela med vettigare människor än ärthjärnor till svenskar.
Förresten så kan du inte säga något om CS eftersom du aldrig har spelat det själv,
sen slår jag vad om att det är mycket högra lvl cap på mitt spel än ditt.