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I'm Nuu, from Finland. No, that's not my real name or my current username. You can call me anything you like, but usually people use Nyoo, NuuNuu (or just Nuu) or my real name. So pick your favourite or make up your own :>
And here's some stuff you might want to know. Oh and my english derps a bit every now and then. Sorry about that.

Ɩ αм...
❖ A kind person, generally.
❖ ...but also easily annoyed by certain things.
❖ A britfag
❖ Paranoid and suspicious
❖ A procrastinator
❖ Shy and awkward
❖ An artfag. Go leave annoying comments on my dA page.
❖ In love with history, retro, vintage...
❖ Bored and lazy. Amuse me. /brick'd

ℳɛ ℓικɛʏ
❖ Art, culture, architechture, history and old things, especially European
❖ Languages (I can speak Finnish, English, Swedish and a little bit Russian)
❖ LONDON heart
❖ Russian and British culture especially
❖ Monty Python, Blackadder, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Jekyll etc... BBC, basically.
❖ VALVE heart Asalkdgjs HL2, TF2, Portal ;A;
❖ Computers, sci-fi and electronic stuff
❖ Reading & stories
❖ Music. I have a blog for that.
❖ Friendsss
❖ Sideburns and beards. Bloody hot.
❖ Old fashion, especially men's fancy fashion

ℳɛ ∂ιƨℓικɛʏ
❖ Yaoi. Sorry, I don't like porn. (Boylove has my approval.)
❖ People who don't think of others. Includes being selfish, impolite or rude, etc etc etc...
❖ Crazy fangirls, weeaboos, fantards.
❖ Idiots.
❖ Most anime and manga
❖ Stituations where there are too many people in one place.
❖ Impoliteness. I know it's easy to be rude on the internet but, good god, why do you have to do that? It makes me mad.

I'll probably update these things when I remember more stuff... And FYI I forget A LOT of stuff.
Throw a PM at me if you feel like it. I like them.
Oh, one more thing... I don't accept friend requests from people I've never talked with.

Most of the stock images used on my post styles and other graphics are made by wonderful Mellowmint heart
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This profile is best viewed on 17" screen :V