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Name: Lindsay
Nicknames: Linny, Linds, Silver, Kai or Kai Ken
Location: Ontario, Canada
Age: 17yrs old
Born On: June 9th 1993
Gamer Type: Casual (More or less whimpy)
Current Status: Lawl'ing
Hobbies: Drawing, Cosplaying, Photography, Writing, Hanging with friends, Chilling out.
What I Likes: Nostalgic cartoons, not having a runny nose, Summer time, money, my kitty Tessy baby, making normal situations awkward and nice smells that don't make my eyes water, my nose sneeze, that Ezio figurine I bought and of course my friends <3
What I Dislikes: Stalkers, whining children, many of the new stupid/sexual/perverted animes, the coldness, unbeatableness parts in games and extremely lame games.

deviantArt account: Boredom-xD

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HI~! How have you been? whee
I haven't talked to you in a while and I feel bad about it.
Have you written/illustrated anything new lately?
fr e sh a voca do

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fr e sh a voca do

aw, i love your art <3

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I've been good.
I helped with backstage with the Drama Clubs production of Big Bad, it was lots of fun~!
I can't wait til Christmas break, even if it means I have to study for midterms..

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RINJIiiiiiiiiiii~! *Loli-glomps you* How have you been? xd

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Thanks for buying~
Enjoy! smile

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I wake up at five so that I have enough time to get ready for school. gonk
I've decided to join Drama Club this year and the meeting is next week. I wanna be a stage hand. whee
I don't like school 'cause I get to much homework, but I love Tuesdays because we get out an hour earlier. xd

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How have you been Rinji-chan~!?
Sailor N3ptune

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Sailor N3ptune

xD tbh I don't really know but we'll go with it
and that's good, as for myself I haven't really been doing much of anything..lmao crying

saddening yes, but it's the truth and I'm still trying to get over my leg pains..my mother bought a treadmill and so
I got all excited bought some rebook run tone shoes and went all out on that machine..regret it the next day lmao

it hurt to sit down lmao but it'll be worth it in the end..I've been off commission in the workout department since no P.E anymore ha
so I have make my own routine now
Sailor N3ptune

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Sailor N3ptune

oh that's cool XD
anythin' new lately?


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