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Well what can I say?? I am unique, individual, and I highly doubt you will ever be the same after meeting me!! I love my friends and Family which basically every friend I have feels like family to me. I am comfortable in myself even though it doesn't always seem that way. I am slowly growing into the woman God wants me to be. Yes it may take time but I will get there. I believe in everyone and find it hard to find fault in someone before looking at myself. I have decided that I am going to be positive and try to change myself (no Promises) to be a better person. I recently had an eye opening experience at just how wrong I can be. I am working toward owning my own business and I will not stop till I reach this goal. I am 18 now it is time I start being more responsible and stop relying on others for everything. I am working on everything. If I bother you insult you or offend you please don't hesitate to say something I will apologize for it and change that aspect of myself so to not repeat the same mistake, (again No Promises)
So now that I have rambled which you probably skipped half of it may I ask a question? Not counting this one biggrin

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lilmissSQUEE Report | 01/12/2013 8:53 pm
do you remember me? sweatdrop
lil-squid Report | 03/16/2012 6:32 pm
*hugs* smile
lil-squid Report | 03/13/2012 7:42 pm
better late than never *hugs* <3
lil-squid Report | 02/12/2012 12:09 pm
*hugs* <3
lil-squid Report | 02/10/2012 4:06 pm
lil-squid Report | 02/02/2012 10:35 am
skipee!! blaugh
lil-squid Report | 02/02/2012 9:19 am
Yay! *hugs tight*
lil-squid Report | 01/12/2012 8:30 am
oh my *omnoms your homework* there you go, all betters smile
lil-squid Report | 01/04/2012 7:21 pm
Love your avi! *kisses for holiday spirit* Hope you're doing awesome! biggrin
lil-squid Report | 12/16/2011 10:27 pm
*tickles* biggrin
Hanamura Kana
izumi mieko
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Hi, I am Shygirl108!! Welcome to my Profile!

My sisters! Izumi(left) Kana(center) and Kiwi(right)