About Shuseii(:

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Hello, I'm Shuseii,
but you can call me Shu-chan/Shu/Shushi ◕‿◕

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I love my bestfriends.
I have a passion for music.
I have an addiction to drawing.
I'm pretty outgoing.
Keep the Peace.

Person Behind the Pixels:
» I used to have a male avi and is now changed to a female avi.
» You have to earn getting on my friends list.
» I'm a fun person if you get to know me.
» I don't judge by the outside.
» I hate conceited people the most.
» Be yourself no matter what(: !
» If you have a problem with me; tell it to my face.
» I'm willing to listen to any trouble you may have. Stranger or not.
» Send a pm if you want someone to talk to c: .

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Don't forget that Shuseii likes Mail
<3 (also)

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