Nuthin Special.

my profile rly says it all.

im not your everyday person.
there are many things idk about the word 'people.'
games and muzic is wat i cant live without.<3
i have lots of friends in reality but there are only a couple who are the best. they no who they are :]

personally i luv rock. alternative. rap/pop.
i have way to many nicknames and the recent ones are::
gnome. shorty. shortcake. gnomish bar. and stripey.
im also a huge nerd when it comes to video games and animations.
*left 4 dead/left 4 dead 2.
*bioshock/bioshock 2.
*gauntlet dark legacy.
*halo 3.
*assassins creed 2.
*guitar hero.
are one of my toppies.

my quote
'i may not be smart enough to do everything.but im dumb enough to try anything ;]'

im first.
so thts all i got to say.