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Epic foreshadowing


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shhhuuulie! Hope you are well!
Are you most active on dA right now?

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Yeah i know xD Sorry i've seen it wrong >.< xD sweatdrop

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Congrats with the gaia -tan heart I want that soo badly!! crying 3nodding xd

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Any luck on job searching, m'dear?
*huggles* I miss you! How are you holding up for the holidays. Hope you have some family plans!
Daisy Chain For Satan

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Daisy Chain For Satan

Oh, how sweet. ^-^ Thank you very much. I really like your's too - - you did a wonder job with the colour scheme.

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I know right? I'm just like wishing people with more flexible schedules would work with me D: Apparently she's going to hire someone else also to pick up the slack.
With that said, I have an interview on friday : D Its for a environmental safety construction company. Its part time administrative assistant. If I get the job I'm going to see how I like it before I quit my other job. Just to be on the safe side. I'm worried they wont hire me because of my school schedule though, it changes every semester. And what about summer, I go out of town for like 3 weeks! Buuut they do pay 10$ an hr. 25 hours a week thats 500$ in 2 weeks!!!!
But Lets not get my hopes up >W<
Have you found any jobs that would suit your amazing skillz heart 4laugh
Yeah I'm still interested in Alternative Energy. Mechanical Engineering and all that jazz c:
I think construction is closer to engineering than salon work by far. I just dont know if its close enough D:
I would love to see your portfolio! I bet you're super fantastic c: Showreel is a layout of your best work, right? You do need a vacation! Shulie is so overwhelmed!!! D: </3

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Totem For 82k?

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yeah, lemme tell ya it really blows. the other lady isnt flexible at all, she's a mom.
: [
its honestly just a job that's not going to put me anywhere and its not worth it anymore.
I need to apply to a job that'll put me somewhere when I have a degree but seen as experience.
yeah! that's the worst and my manager wanted to do that but I lied and said I have school when I dont. I go to school like 40 min away from my house due to the classes they offer. I'm not about to drive all the way back home for a 6 hour shift. no thank you.
I told her my schedule will change in the spring and that i'll be working MUCH less than I am now.
School is a priority and work just follows. I'm not here to stay in that industry, let alone its just temporary.
I need a real job lol.
I just hate settling in to new ones. It really stresses me out. x.x
Have you found anything good yet? What would you like your job to be?

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Yeah~ Maybe I am. I believe to give it your all.
I don't usually half a** it. But maybe I should start doing that lol.
I can't really switch, the other lady that works there is just like my boss, has a set schedule and not very flexible. There's only 2 girls, myself and the other girl, and then my boss that work the front desk.
There's gotta be a better thing out there for me.
I need to work in a place with lots of people.
And ah~ so you had people to cover your shifts.
Its good that you finally quit! And definitely! people will dish out some nice money if you can do animation. They think its so hard so they over pay you XD
5 years is a long time to work somewhere. Did they give sweet benefits or something or what it something that worked with your school schedule at the time?
I need something that pays 9$ and up. I'm not going to settle for less lol.
I'm too old to be paid s**t XD
The thing is, I don't have any experience working with engineering. I should find a place that sells solar panels and go from there lol


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