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Gender: Female

Location: G-Town

Birthday: 06/27/1991

Occupation: Band. School. Sleeping.

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Hmm...That blonde midget down there looks familiar...

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Oh, right. That's me.

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Can I interest you in my photography?

-I'm blonde, but not stupid. I'm 16, but I'm not (incredibly) immature. I'm not a midget, but I'm a half inch under 5 feet. whee

-I listen to film soundtracks, symphonic/classical, and much of the music that would be classified as 'weird' in the average highschool environment.

-I'm a drama geek. heart

-I'm a ski bum.

-I also inline skate (rollerblade). A lot.

-I'm trying so very very hard to become an official vegetarian.

-I play the flute. And the piano. And a little bit of the drums. And (Oh! Oh! You NEVER saw this coming!) the guitar.

-I get teary when I see someone crying.

-I know someone who can lick their elbow! eek

-I'm incredibly over-anaylitical. I'm currently in the process of looking for truths concerning the nature of society.
-I really wish I could read minds.

-Actually...Maybe not...But psychology is interesting!

-I'm indecisive. xd

-When I realized the scribbly line at the begining of Disney was a 'D' it blew my mind.

-Hatake Kakashi could be my sensei anyday. heart

-I've always wanted to travel the world.

-I'm not afraid to die.

-But I'm pretty much terrified of everything else. Especially Little Newcomb (he's one scary little ********) whee!

-I hate writing. But I love having written.

-I heart my friends and family more than anything else in the entire world.

-I like noises! (and inside jokes) mrgreen

-I'm a proud member of The League of Extroardinary People Who can Sense When TVs are Turned On.

-I don't feel good about myself unless I'm doing something productive.

-Which kinda sucks, because I'm a huge procrastinator.

-And I'm easily distracted.

But nobody reads big scary paragraphs like that one, so here's me in a few bullets.

Interested in...
-Political/Social Issues
-Environmental Issues

-My dad
-Winston Churchill
-Leonardo Da Vinci
-Steven Spielberg
-Morgan Spurlock
-My cousins
-Michael Male and Judy Fieth
-Little Newcomb

Strongly Against...
-Animal Testing/Abuse
-Internet Flaming

_ _

I never loved nobody fully,
Always one foot on the ground.
And by protecting my heart truly,
I got lost in the sound.
I hear in my mind all these voices,
I hear in my mind all these words,
I hear in my mind all this music.
And it breaks my heart,
And it breaks my heart...


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Hiroka Kai Report | 01/21/2009 7:10 am
Hiroka Kai
dO u b3l13ve in l0v3 bAby <3
Green Earth Girl Report | 06/27/2008 1:55 pm
Green Earth Girl
happy b-day fellow AIH lover!
sweetbeanpaste Report | 06/15/2008 6:43 pm
Hi! How have you been lately? It's been a while since we've talked!

(The League of Extroardinary People Who can Sense When TVs are Turned On? Wow, I should definately look into joining. XD)
Mistress Le Gasp Report | 04/26/2008 11:50 am
Mistress Le Gasp
u rock! i put u on my profile!
germanicus2 Report | 04/25/2008 6:06 am
ah, thanks. you like classical music too? the suite you mention is actually in there - just called prelude suite for cello no 1. I wish i could play cello
germanicus2 Report | 04/24/2008 9:00 pm
nice profile
Cinnamonster Report | 04/13/2008 4:36 pm
Cool profile!

kimiko100 Report | 04/11/2008 10:04 pm
Nice job in the arena. ^^
Sanguine Fox Report | 04/11/2008 2:36 pm
Sanguine Fox
Your welcome ^^

Sounds interesting, this portfolio. I wish you luck on that =)

I used to skateboard often, but I started skating less and less after I busted two tendons in my ankle one time. I haven't skateboarded for like... 7 months. I keep aiming to go back out, but I haven't. Partly because of laziness, and partly because of the weather. Its been tempermental lately, and I'm very picky about skating conditions >.<
sweetbeanpaste Report | 04/03/2008 6:46 pm
Wow, your photography is amazing! You're very photogenic and talented!


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