Hai My name is Samantha (Suh Man Tha) -noun. A long time ago my momi and dadi loved each other very much. Or were really drunk they made me. 9 months later I made my mom scream. Pretty, Crazy, Wild, Amazing. All these words describe me on a daily basis. I have my flaws I'm not prefect and I can be the girl you just wanna slap in the face somedays. But I know when I'm wrong and when I'm right. Only the people who love me and deserve me can put up with the crap I give and if thats not yew, I don't give a s**t then. I don't Judge and I never will. I prefer to get to know people before I talk about them. Yes, I do talk about people. But who doesn't. I'm in a part of my life where I have stop trying to please people and work on my self. I'm Single right now. I'd really rather prefer it. I have a really best friend Ashlee. She is so amazing to me and can always make me laugh. She is very postive and mood lifting. My other best friend would have to be Harlee. We jus get along so well. And I think it's because we were born in the same month. It's so funny because we always try to outdo each other. But I could want to slap the s**t out her and still want to hug her. My mom is really important to me. I don't think I could live without her. I get into your mom fights with her. I know right.
Sami Fun Facts
- I love Millionaires (band)
- Jersey Shore is awesome.
- I'm pretty much a G. lol
- I want a green cheetoh and orange dinosaur.
Thats it. If I talked about my self any more I'd feel somewhat Concided.