About me.... hmm...... Well, there's not much to say, I'm
random, and I get bored easily (which is a sign of intellect
I'm told :3) I'm absent-minded and don't remember
numbers that well, or names....... I have absolutely no
face-recognition, I can't even recognize my own mom.

I'm a science nut and it shows. I can talk at length (as in eight or more hours) about Physics, biology, and geology. I am particularly fond of true metaphysics, which pretty much boils down to M theory and electromagnetic fields. I abhor digital theory, though still enjoy discussing it. I have a degree in geology and am working on some sort of biology (keep changing from plant to animal and back again) degree, as well as improving my calculus so I can go farther into physics.

Science aside, I am a big outdoors
person. I love to hike and camp,
and in my opinion nothing beats
open water swimming. I try to spend at least two hours outside every day, but, well, cold SUCKS. In the summer it's rather impossible to get me inside. In fact, I'm pretty sure there's been multiple times where "Get in here and drink some water in front of the air or I'll beat you!" has been resorted too....

I love animals and currently have one cat, one dog
, and three gerbils (two of which are a breeding
pair, the other is an anti-social killer). As soon as I
can, I plan on getting a second cat to keep mine
company while I'm at work and school.

There would also be about thirty typos in this if it weren't for spell check...