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Birthday: 11/18

me... deal with it. jk :D but yeah this is me

well to start off my name is stephen and i am normally happy go lucky and i enjoy talking. i like anime and manga. i'm an animal lover, i have a dog. i am the youngest of my family. my favorite sports are soccer, baseball, and basketball. i like almost all genres of music, m favorite genres are alternative and pop. my favorite band is My Chemical Romance. i have been drawing for as long as i can remeber (actually since kindergarten). my favorite shows are bleach, death note, high school of the dead, and ranma. and when i was at my old school i played clarinet for my school band. one day i hope to go to japan to see where anime originated. lastly i plan to learn the english manual alphabet, japenese, and spanish. if you need to talk i am here. biggrin
blaugh Plus i looooooooooooooooooove kingdom hearts best game series ever i have played them all and loved them all. blaugh

ps dont dis kingdom hearts, my chemical romance, marines, or any of my friends mad
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my real life best friends

my bestest friend of em all! someone on here who i can talk to and is just simply awesome! ^_^

one my best completely awesome friends who is very kind

she is a pretty cool person and she is an awesome friend and she is my friend, and i am happy to say it! ^_^