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My name is Jocelyn, but I go by Shikon or Miko.
Been on Gaia forever. 21 years old. Not as exciting as it seems. Live in Joplin, MO. Its pretty awful. Giant lover of books. Like GIANT. I enjoy otters, especially when they hold hands. Nothing else I suppose. Hunger Games rules my life. Also want to be an actor. Determined kid.


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Shikon Miko


Last Login: 04/10/2017 8:23 pm

Registered: 10/13/2004

Gender: Female

Location: A horrible place...

Birthday: 11/12

Occupation: College Student and Barista

Signature...OF DOOM

Anga Helke! <3
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Tiriki Report | 08/30/2012 1:33 am
cool avi
Thalea Report | 08/17/2010 1:01 am
Cool Avi
Rein_Carnation Report | 01/28/2010 7:15 pm
Thanks smile
Thalea Report | 01/04/2010 11:30 pm
It seems that I am the only one that loves you and wants to post on your profile.

I love you! My sister from another mister!

Thalea Report | 02/19/2009 9:04 pm
Wow, was yours longer than mine? No, I don't think so. I still had a few months more than you did. Or did you? I don't know, I didn't count the months, too lazy. I should make this long and crazy, but alas, I am tired and have taken my contacts out so the screen is blurry. So sad. I really need to get my eyes checked agian xD So I have a little segment of s story or something about Haides and Lina. Haides is a jerk >.< But he is a smexy jerk.
Thalea Report | 09/18/2008 8:55 pm
-pokes the bunny- I am finally replying to your message from... how long ago was it? A few months? Or was it more than a few? Hmm... O well, I don't want to do the math from 04/08/2008 to 09/18/2008... okay so about five months. Now you can't say I never got back to you. So ha! This is a bunch of jibberish isn't it? I swear I am in creative writing for a reason xD

Oh and P.S. He luffs me more than he luffs you! (and we are back to this long continuous debate on who Ed loves more. You know what, I am going to be nice and let you have him, against my better judgement)

Wow, this is getting long. I wonder. Did you read all this? Or you kind unknown reader? Do you enjoy my rant? <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">Mark Yes or No

Thalea Report | 04/03/2008 5:25 pm
I repeat my last comment.

He loves me more than he loves you,

The truth hurts, Darlin'.
Thalea Report | 02/17/2008 9:43 am
You know it's true ^.^
sweetrain7 Report | 01/19/2008 1:59 pm
hi! i like your gaia person!!!!
Thalea Report | 01/06/2008 6:45 pm
Ed luffs me more than he luffs you!