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Yamamoto Takeshi 『山本 武』

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Yamamoto Takeshi
Age: 15
Birthdate: April 24
Ring: Vongola Rain Ring
Box Weapon: Akita di Pioggia ver Vongola, Rondine di Pioggia ver Vongola


Addressed as 'Yamamoto' by almost everyone in the series, this baseballer-turned-mafia has a warm and friendly personality and is rarely seen not smiling.
He is, however, very naive to the point of believing that Reborn's weapons are advanced kid's toys
and that the mafia business is one big cops-and-robbers game.

Yamamoto is the type of character that can make friends with everyone, and if not friendship, at least respect. Characters like Hibari Kyoya have been shown to have interest in Yamamoto's battles and Squalo has also shown interest in his development. However, Yamamoto can become angry when his friends are hurt or injured. He is also willing to sacrifice things important to him to save his friends, shown in the Kokuyo arc.

Despite his easygoing personality, Yamamoto has shown that he has hidden talent as an assassin. In fact, Reborn clearly sees Yamamoto's potential and often mentions to Tsuna that Yamamoto is a natural born killer. His fast reflexes and strong body from sport gives him a natural advantage and he is shown to be able to dodge cannon fire and wayward fireworks. Yamamoto also learns really quick, remembering all 8 forms of the Shigure Souen Style despite only being shown once. He also manages to develop a new form of the style in a life-death situation.



Takeshi And Tsuna VGX Style



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