<3 In honour of my baby, Munky, and his big mama, Angel. <3
Beware the striped cats. They're the trouble-makers.
Especially the ones with thumbs. They make the best evil minions.


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HALLO, f*****t.
January 18th, 2015: First place winner of the Gaia-wide Punked Out Avatar Contest. USELESS ACHIEVEMENTS AHOY. pirate pirate pirate
/bragging, excessive junk-in-face-swinging

Introducing Sheruga.
Disgracing Gaian Veterans since '03. biggrin

madlife v2
madlife v2
ur avi is magical * O*

Thanks lady. x]
Your cyclops makes my dragon dance. emotion_dowant

lady... Lady... LADY... ***** please lol
heart heart heart


My name's Erin and I'm 26 years old. I'm an artist.

My favorite series of manga is Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. I am now in possession of the entire series. Yeh. 8D
My favorite animes are Kiba, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, D'Grayman, Fairy Tail and Soul Eater. I think you should watch them. Right now. GO. classified_fu

My favourite games of all time are Pokémon Red version (my very first video game. :'D) and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I also like Okami and Left 4 Dead.

The below's just some more random crap about me.

Occupation-University student, and Level 1 figure skating coach, Pokémon trainer.

Hobbies-artist, figure skater(IT'S PAINFUL, DAMN IT!), Pokémon Trainer-I have Red, Yellow, Gold, Crystal, Sapphire, Diamond, Black, X and AS.
And by ze way, this is me.

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And this here is my manwhore personal love skank.
Go ahead.
Rub your crotch all over the screen, she'll like that. emotion_dowant

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And now for some random garbage.

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Click below. You know you want to. ;D

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- Avi Artses :] -

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-By Zenobia Vivek

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-By Koko the Dog

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-By Shiba Star

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-By -Mannequinette-

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-By Dark wolf song

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-By 2+2=fish